My class was a success

Today I taught at a kindergarten class for the first time.

It went splendidly! All my games worked. Nobody cried. Everybody paid attention. Every kid got lots of talking time and repeated a lot of English. They remembered the words I taught them well. They (and I) got lots of exercise. x_X; I was STARVING after one hour. I kept their attention…wait, did I say that? That’s the hard part, though. And they had fun. I had fun. It was super.

Now, this represents a major milestone for me.

When I frist started teaching kids 6 years ago, I used to get so stressed that I used to cry in the bathroom after lessons. That’s right.

Now, I have become the office Kid’s Coordinator in charge of assessments, demos, kids reports, planning parties, training other teachers, etc etc. AND also I’m going to teach at an outservice kindergarten.

That’s major personal growth for me.

I am by no means a master…I’m not saying I’m better than everybody. I still want to learn much much more…. However, I feel I’m allowed to boast a little bit because I struggled SO hard and went through so much stress to get to this point. *laugh* My co-workers all think I love teaching kids. I guess I do now, but it certainly wasn’t always like that.

On the train ride home, I cried. They were tears of joy. I did it!! I did it….!!!!! XD I DID IT!!!!!

Now if only my fight career would turn around, and life would be golden.…