Tired, city Museum

Not feeling so good. 🙁 This whole week. arg. So tired. Fighting a cold? Weight-cutting? Over-training? My time of the month?

Anyway. Went to the gym in the morning…ended up doing machines and then doing mitts with Billy and not really participating when everybody else came. So tired. u_U *sigh*

ANWYAY ate a small lunch, got home. I felt pathetic just wasting my day, so I ate more, felt a little better, and decided to go to the Kawasaki City museum. I always pass signs for it but never went, so I took a bus.

It was cool! It was free. It had ancient pottery! I love Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun era stuff.

I have a lot of Words With Friends games going. I ADORE that game. XD Sometimes my program errors, though, so I’ve been declining some people if I don’t know them. 🙁 Sorry, nothing personal. Except…this one fellow. Look what he sent me:

Dude. Is this a way to invite a stranger to play? By sending a girl this? come on. *DECLINE*…