weird week- typhoon and no work

This whole week has been so weird.

On Monday, I had the bad practice, and then tried to go to the anti-nuclear rally, but got lost, called my friend, found out he wasn’t there, so I went home. Felt crappy.

Tuesday, I woke up feeling like hell and decided I had to take the day off from work. I WENT to work, though, because the office opens at 8, and lessons start at 8:30, so it’d be impossible for the staff to find another teacher to cover 8:30 x 1. At least this way I’d teach the first lesson and they wouldn’t have to cancel.

Both my student and my co-worker Gordon’s students didn’t come! We chatted for the full 40 minutes, first standing in the hall-way outside our adjacent classes, and migrating back to the teacher’s room, where I lay on the sofa. He used to wrestle in college (I think college) and box professionally for a brief period of his life, and was very supportive of me. I was like, “Gordon, I’m so sick of being tired every day and never being able to rest and blah blah blah” and he said, “Yeah, I remember that…it was really hard. Now I enjoy being able to work out because I WANT to, rather then because I HAVE to.”

hmmm that’s a concept. So after that first ‘lesson,’ I went home because the staff found cover. I watched movies all day…literally, I lay down all day. I took like 5 naps. It was great. I had felt like I could have gotten a fever, but the next day, Wednesday, I woke up much better.

Wednesday, I was scheduled to teach from 5:30PM to 9:15- a short day. So I did chores in the morning and met a friend in a cafe, going into work at about 1:30. I did my Kids Coordinator duties off the clock, to be backpaid later. We were feeling the effects of the tyhoon. Now when I say “Typhoon” I don’t think ‘hurricane’ exactly. In Tokyo and Kanagawa, we don’t get hit as hard as say, the island of Okinawa, where houses are destroyed and people are killed. So I think we all underestimated this number 15. It RIPPED Through us. The rain was going horizontally. IT BROKE MY BANANA UMBRELLA. ;___; !! I am VERY upset about this…my special wonderful banana umbrella. *sob* aaaaarg

Other broken umbrellas lined the streets. RIP. I found out that my boss cancelled my 5:30 x 1 because it was a kid, and they told her not to come. Good. Then around 4 PM, trains started stopping. My unit manager decided to cancel all lessons for the night.

um, WHAT? That …like never happens. Last time it happened was due to the earthquake of March 11th. Because the company loses major money, because they have to pay the teachers for their time, but don’t get any income from the students. lol We expected them to keep it open even if it was stupidly bad weather, so we were like “Wow, good call,” quite shocked. We were told to hang around in the teacher’s room for a while, while they contacted all our clients, because if they showed up, we’d have to teach them. The weather got worse and worse. The wind was SO strong, that it shook our 13-story building! We all thought there were earthquakes! It was amazing! Bikes were strewn all over the sidewalks. Signs were ripped up, trees were bending and branches were down. A tree fell over and crushed a taxi in Shibuya. I saw a pic on Twitter.

Other teachers showed up to work soaking wet, and we all hung out- all 7 of us. I had continued doing my KC duties until about 6. We then found out ALL TRAINS in Tokyo and Kanagawa had stopped. ALL of them. And lines for taxi’s were around the block, so it’d be pointless to try. We hooked my iPhone up to speakers we have set up and played some music. Me and Karen danced to “Every little thing she does” by Police. 😀 And then Karen wanted to hear “Roxanne” because naturally everyone started screeching it. -_- She asked me if I had it on my iPhone and I said, “Of COURSE I don’t have it on my iPhone, since I hate it!” lol Gordon did, so I left the room, but could hear them singing from down the hall. ;_; meanines….

A few guys went out for beers later on. Around 9, the trains started again. I made it back home by 9:30. The rain and wind had stopped.

I have a box on my balcony pushed into the far corner under an overhang, that has withstood all bad weather for about 4 years. During typhoons, it only got soggy. I came home to find it RIPPED TO SHREADS, and all my bottles of cleaning fluids and stuff I had stored out there were screwn all over my balcony. And…there was somebody’s shoe that was NOT mine mixed in there, along with a trowl…I’m not sure if that’s mine or not. RIP, box, you served me well…

Slept for 7 hours. My body is SO sore. It’s so weird…feels like I felt a week ago but haven’t recovered. Why not? u_U OH well, going to the AACC morning class.…