movies movies and my birthday shopping!

Many people say exercise in the morning energizes them. Not me. It exhausts me. Because that’s because I don’t really ‘exercise,’ I ‘train.’ And also…I just had a ‘duh’ moment talking to Rosi Sexton on twitter. I don’t eat at night, so it depleats my energy for the next day. I’m going to have to re-think my eating habits. It’s so hard for me though…

But those are two reasons I think I’m constantly tired.
So yesterday I decided to NOT exercise in the morning. Instead, I went to Harajuku to Kiddyland.

I bought STUFF with birthday money from Mom! 😀 Check out the video blog to see!

Then I went to work and taught 4 bonus lessons. Went to the gym and worked out.

I have my movie phases.
I had my “zombie movie” phase earlier this year, where all I watched were consecutive zombie movies. Rewatched the Resident Evils in preparation for the new one (that sparked it), and others. (For 1 month). Then I had my vampire movie phase, sparked by wanting to finally see what the big deal of “Twilight” was (loved it) and it left me thirsty for MORE BLOOD! (not blood, actually). Watched the Underworld series and Daybreak, etc.

Then I had my Naruto phase (1 month) where I finished the battle with “Pain.” I was so obsessed…watching like 2 hours every day, and if you know me, you know I don’t HAVE two hours laying around every day. I think I had a cold, and stayed home a day and just watched like 5 hours. Then One Piece phase (about a month), until I ran out of subtitled ones.

Then I got into watching “movies that I’ve always meant to see but never got around to.” I googled movies that I missed in the theater, and classics: Revenge of the Nerds, Wayne’s World, Miyasaki’s Pom Poko, and newer ones like Thor, Hanna, How to Train your Dragon, Rio, Suckerpunch, Knowing (N. Cage), Moon, and Source Code.

Now I’m watching “Ponyo.” It’s a little kids’ movie, but it’s Miyazaki Hayao, and it’s super famous, so I’m kind of out of the cultural loop not having watched it. During that movie, the magicked water kind of follows and attacks the main character driving along. It’s a tsunami.

….it really freaked me out. I started washing away the town. I was holding my breath. -_-; I bet if that movie was supposed to be released before March 11th, they would delay the release. 🙁 It’s a cute kids movie, but I’m not too bored yet, like I was with Totoro (sorry, Totoro fans). I’m not done it yet.

ooooh *makes a note to see Collateral Damage.* I remember that got delayed cuz of terrorists and the 9/11 bombing.

I’ve been listening to UNICORN lately! 😀 A teenage student of mine recommended them! COOL!

Oh, PLEASE GIVE ME movie recommendations!!! 😀…