running all day, training, artwork

Yesterday, I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I had a lot of my mind- a lot to do on Saturday.
So I got up and did some stuff that I could do on my comp.

I got to work at 7, which is, as Michele put it, disgustingly early. I’m glad I got to prep at the same time as her. We shared grammar teaching ideas. <3 People were to observe my kids classes, so I prepped extensively for them. By 8 AM I was starving, since I'd eaten at 4 AM. I had some food and then went to work until 1 PM. I was so exhausted.... @_@ I was chugging my POWER SQUASH DRINK!!!! >:F

One of my kids classes didn’t show. Three kids, how could they ALL NOT FREAKING COME?! _< I was pretty pissed bos had especially scheduled my colleague to watch me, so I had a meeting with my colleague instead. It was productive, but would have been better if he'd observed and participated in the class with me. demmit.... By 5:30, I felt like I'd been running all day, which I literally had. I had to run to the supermarket to get lunch, and then run back and prep more during my 40 minute lunch break. I had to run to the restroom between lessons because we don't have enough time between lessons to get our material and pee. lol sad.... In my first lesson, I taught this really nice lady and I made her laugh a lot. XD I also drew this picture so she could practice the vocabulary of the chapter- talking about accidents and emergency proceedure. Seriously, take a look at my materpiece. Can you subtitle the scenes? 😀
I should open a pro-gallery. XD

I worked 40 minutes overtime preparing for the kids summer party next week. u_U; Then, with a sinking feeling in my stomach (that I wouldn’t be able to train), I went to ZST. I ran into K-Taro – his class was just finishing. He’s preparing for his fight in Shooto and says he feels great! 😀 Then Kojima-san sparred MMA with me and grappling before class started, from 6:50-7:35ish. I’m surprised I could do it, but it was good. I showed him this choke-hold I knew that he didn’t, so we were both happy. I owe him big time for always sparring with me before class and using his valuable energy. He has to last until 10 PM because he’s teaching. I basically collapsed after that. thank you thank youthankyouthankyou Kojima-san for helping me train, even though I had to poop out of class early. u_U

I fell into my futon at 10 PM. (my NEW futon! 😀 so cushy and comfy! Like a bed!)
Woke up at 1:45AM. FCK. No. Way. Closed my eyes. Opened them. 2. double f-ck. Closed them. Opened them. 2:30. tripple fck, I grappled, wtf, I should be able to sleep. Closed them. Opened them.3:45. damnittttttt got up at 4. This is horrible….

I really enjoyed my breakfast. I ate this new high-fiber bran-flake cereal with dried fruit chunks in it. Super healthy. *sigh* Finished my chore of writing Rosi my food diary for consultation, watched 15 minutes of One Piece. Kumadori is a bad guy, but he speaks like a kabuki character and I think he’s so cool. lol