Happy day :D

I had a wonderful day! 😀

Started work in a sister school and I met a few nice people there.

Then went to my base school and taught a nice business guy. Chatted with Michele, my new friend from work, and other colleagues. 😀

Taught a doctor who asked me to help her describe stuff, and I was all happy to comply, since health stuff is right up my ally.

I cleaned the teacher’s room more and found some Elmo/Tingo books tucked away under the sofa! :O I got rid of those cuz we are using different materials now, and made room for other stuff. 😀 I rearranged various things, so now we have more space to put our books. My co-workers looked extremely shocked and also incredibly pleased. XD

I was so tired all day.

For lunch, I had my veggies, chicken, rice ball, but also decided to break my diet and try MOS Burger’s Taco Nan. Yes, taco stuff on the Indian Nan bread. I was hoping for something resembling Taco Bell, and I got….cheap-flavored beef on….Nan. LOL Not even close to a soft Taco. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t order it again. Yo Quiero Taco Bell! O

DO NOT even ask me about the hotdog Nan…

I was so genki today. XD

I had sushi dinner with Michele! 😀

But I’m working a lot and I’m exhausted…my boss must be a mind reader because he gave me a short day tomorrow. I’ve decided to hang out with my friend Kozo who owns the restaurant! 😀 Then spar MMA again after work! XD YAY omg I’m super happy and satisfied. Life is golden except for my MMA career. lol I need to win my next fight.

After work today after the students went home and we were gathering our stuff, Max put on some music by “Honey Claws” that he said was really popular in the clubs ‘back home.’ It was so cool to let the music boom through the empty school, even if it was only for five minutes before we had to lock up. XD Club B, baby!

I just realized something. Out of 16 teachers, maybe 9ish? are Americans. I kind of feel it. In my first school there were some Americans, but in my most recent school, I think there was only one other American, recently one more came. But it’s a familiar feel. Yeah, now I put my finger on it….! 🙂 Nothing against other nationalities at all, but you can just sense when someone is from the same area as you.

Anyway, I’m so so sooooooo happy. 😀 Life is good! …