Care a lot, we care a lot! :D

Kojima-san: I thought I could buy a ticket and go watch you fight, but I have to teach class…. :/
Roxy: Actually…my normal coaches can’t corner me, so I was wondering if I could ask you…
Kojima-san: OH ABSOLUTELY! I’ll corner you! Leave it to me! And Ota-san, too!

Later, Ota-san half volunteered/ was half volunteered by Kojima-san. Another fellow’ll teach class. Man, that’s more than I could hope for …I’m so grateful that they’d do that for me!! I’m not even an official member of Zst Fight Club.

I’m so relieved.

My co-workers were getting together after work, and it might have been one of my last chances to hang out with them, but needed to spar. I went to ZFC and did sparring with Kojima-san, and then Hattori-san showed up. Kojima-san really helped me out….

Yesterday and tonight, I watched the Care Bear Movie II. Dark Heart takes over the camp. I just noticed that the Care Bear babies grew up over night, literally. XD The kids were still at summer camp. Actually, when the songs started, I could sing them along with the singer simultaneously.

This is actually more than a little amazing, considering the last time I watched this movie was when I was like 7 years old or something. This means that I watched it so much I memorized the script. LOL Maybe that’s why I am the way I am? Care a lot, we care a lot! 😀 *clap clap*

Why are Kojima-san and Ota-san cornering me? THEY CARE! 😀 Feel the love, people! Okay, everyone who reads this has to tell someone that they care before the day is over. ^_~