Trained Celine yesterday, Toys

Thursday, yesterday, I woke up early, at 4 AM….as usual. ;o; I hadn’t taken any medicine.

Ate breakfast, did internet stuff, almost fell asleep again, ate more, went to the morning AACC class, and trained the whole time with my good friend Celine Haga from Norway! She’s here with Joachim Hansen’s team for his fight in Dream on May 29th. I can’t go because I have to work and I wouldn’t make it. Why does it have to start at 4 PM? ^^; If it were 5, I would make it….

Anyway, we did a lot of MMA sparring, which is exatly what I need. She’s so strong! Such good technique! The perfect sparring partner for me.

I discovered what some of my weaknesses are. I’m so glad I found them. Now I can go about defeating them.

After the morning class, I just did stuff around my apartment, and also watched most of Toy Story 3. I heard it was sad, so stopped before the last 20 minutes cuz I didn’t wanna go to training all sad. I’m gonna watch it shortly.

I then went back to AACC evening training and sparred a lot MORE with Celine. You really helped me, girl. Thank you!

Thanks, Tony, for helping me test out my new chat room. I was planning on using it this morning, but I don’t really feel like chatting. I’m stressed out about a bunch of things. I don’t really feel like doing anything today. Last night, I took half of what I call the ‘zen pill’ which is sleeping medicine I took that made me feel SUPER calm and ‘zen’ when I woke up the next day. (That was Monday-Tuesday. I hadn’t taken it since) It was scary, though, cuz I was ‘too’ zen, so last night I only took half and it didn’t really work. I still woke up at 4 this morning, and lazed around until 5:30ish. :/ I’m worried it’ll show up in a urine test, so I probably shouldn’t take it anymore. waaaaaa but I want to sleep….

I have to resist eating a lot today. That’ll be my challenge for the day.

While watching Toy Story 3 yesterday afternoon, I thought about how I used to have SOOO many toys. SO many Barbies, My Little Ponys and Sea Horses, Polly Pockets, Link’n logs, dinosours, stuffed animals, Yumm Yumms, Popples, Care Bears, sea animal stuffed animals, board games…just ridiculous. Well, I was an only child, and hyper active, so my parents bought be a ton of toys to keep me occupied. It worked. I played with everything.

So who (yes ‘who’) did I take to college? One of my stuffed dogs. I have a trio: Two stuffed dogs and my stuffed panda. They were always my favorites. I’ve had the shaggy dog since I was 10? Got him for Christmas. The beagle was the first thing I bought with my own allowance money when I was…11? In the Halmark store in PA. And I got the panda Paula from my cousin Regina, I think.

Somehow Paula always ended up in my closet, even though they were my ‘trio.’ Just that she was round and if I dropped her, and she rolled away out of reach if I were sitting down. LOL

Who do I have now in Japan? All three. So when I was watching Toy Story, I rememebered Paula sitting in my suitcase in my closet, so I got her out. I shouldn’t have left her in there for so long. I always feel bad that she’s lonely. She’s DEFINATELY staying out now.

Why isn’t my mom coming on Skype? _< We haven't talked all week. I read this yesterday. To quote Beast Wars, 'Now that's just prime!' -_-;;

[note: gosh, my spelling sucks so bad. I edited this like 4 times]…