Colonel Sanders’ new clothes and my bizarre dream

I dreamed that I was set to fight Hari, the pro wrestler. And it happend the DAY OF. I showed up and they were like, “okay fight.” Cara from high school soccer was also set to fight Amanda, also on the soccer team. Sara was fighting Hashi. lol The sisters don’t even fight! But they’re roughly the same size, and athletic. How’d you come up with that, brain? But wait, there’s more!
I beat up on Hari the first round, but couldn’t submit her. So they did a tag team, and brought in Sybil Starr from Australia. I won by decision. The most bizarre thing was that when I was working the triangle, Hari was just sitting NEXT TO US watching, as if I were explaining some technique. SO weird.

This morning, I FINISHED my main rough draft of my novel! 😀 Now I have to go and edit it some.

I’m sitting on my sofa. Mmmm my sofa. The one I saved from the garbage collector downstairs. 😀 I just came back from training at AACC, and I’m super tired.

I was gonna write my book proposal now, but then I realized that I don’t know how to write a good outline. Therefore, I must read my book “How to write a Book Proposal.” I think Loretta Hunt was the one who recommended that I buy it. I did, a few years ago, and read most of it, but I forgot.

I think I have hypothyroidism. I can’t seem to recover from fatigue. ^^; Or maybe because I can’t sleep. Woke up at two last night. Went to bed at 10. -_-;

So today is/was Boy’s Day! The last day of Golden Week!
I saw Colonel Sanders dressed up three different ways!

Tomorrow I have my TV show, and I’m nervous because I’m not sure I know how to use the technology. ^^;; Someone needs to help me test it out before I actually try to go on-air….

Today, I did stuff but I wanna post the good Colonel’s pics, so I’ll write about that tomorrow.

I am SO tired…but it’s only 9 PM. 🙁 That’s why I’m waking up so early……