exhaustion and my book

So…I feel really physically bad. 🙁 Every day I’m waking up at 3:30….AM. It’s really wearing me down mentally.
Every day I’m craving food, but no matter how much I eat, I can’t get any energy.
I got a blood test on Monday.

Yes, I’ve tried various sleeping pills, yes I’ve tried milk calcium herbs vitimins meditation music ear plugs eye mask dark room hot bath not drinking close to bed adjusting the temp etc etc etc. -_-;

So….Saturday I’ve been going to ZFC. They start training earlier and finish earlier. I’m not a part of the gym, though, but the Ota-san says I can train there anyway. But actually, that’s not usually done. The only reason I can get away with that is because A) I’m a foreigner, B) I’m a pro and fought for Strikeforce. The Gold Gym staff said something to Ota-san because I was using my card to get into Gold’s GYm, and then instead of lifting weights, I was sneaking in and doing the MMA class. -_-; I’m not an AACC fighter, but I have an AACC card to take class, so the Gold Gym Staff were like, “Uh you’re not supposed to.” And it’s not very nice to kind of freeload either. See, in Japan, people stick to one team. OR train at two. Not like….FOUR, how I do. AACC, K-taro dojo, ZFC, and I used to go to Soul Fighter to be with Sakura until they asked me to pay a mat fee, which I can’t afford, so I stopped. And Kunioku-san. I want to just stick to the AACC but the class times are rough for me. 8 PM to 10:30 PM, and sparring starts at 9:30…and not enough MMA sparring.

Anyway enough of that. I’ve been writing a lot of my story. I’m so excited that I finished my rough draft. I’m editing it now, with the help of my friend and webmaster Wetdryvac. I really really wanna publish it.

Oh, on Sunday I met Enson at the Outsiders! I gave him the cash from donations from my shorts sales, and personal donations from people. He’s taking that money and he went back to Fukushima (today and Monday, I think) for another charity run! I’m so happy to play a small part in helping. The amount was roughly 2,000 dollars.

Anyway, I’m eating clean again and feel a little better…except now I’m sick! I called in sick to work today. I already feel dizzy. I would just pass out.

I watched like 20 eps of Naruto and finished the saga with the battle with Pain, so I’m taking a break and re-watching Shaman King. I’m on ep 12 now, where they meet Tokagero. I’m really enjoying re-watching it because now I can understand what they’re saying. It was one of the anime I watched when I was in college, so I couldn’t really understand Japanese as well as now. Actually, writing my book has kind of reminded me of it, because I mentioned Shaman King in my novel.

I hope I don’t completely get sick…

I’m still waiting to hit the jackpot so I can work part time. 🙂