You’re toast! :D

Saturday night, I was stumbling home from practice and the grocery store next to my place didn’t have any eggs or milk, so I didn’t wanna walk like 15 minutes to the next closest one.

The next morning, I just had one egg, cottege cheese and yogurt and toast and salad. It didn’t satisfy me AT ALL. I thought it should, though! I mean, I had fat from cottege cheese and yogurt. But I usually drink a lot of milk and have some oatmeal and mix it with my eggs and stuff…. I ate at 5AM, and by 7AM even before I LEFT my apartment my stomach was GROWLING. wtf. It ruined my whole day. I was eating all morning. @_@;; and then got a stomach ache.

My day went pretty well. The morning is always hard to get through…I just wanted to collapse on the sofa. x_X

I finished work at 3:15 and went dress-shopping for my cousin’s wedding. Man…I was dreading it. With reason. The average Japanese dress size is 2. DUDE come ON. @_@;;; In other words, it’s like extra-small to my extra-large. I tried on this one dress that was like two hundred bucks. Not only would it not fit over my shouldres, but I almost couldn’t get it off, because if I moved, I was afraid I would rip the seams out of the shoulders. I had to like…turn upside down and shake. I nearly called the staff lady.

Needless to say I left that shop in tears. I walked all through the department stores L-Mylord, OPA and SATY in SY Town. They have some INSANE styles. Is this formal, or casual, or business, or for old ladies, or teens, or pregnant women? I dunno! @_@ Just…crazy fashion. In SATY I found a black dress in a store called “Opera House.” I THINK IT FITS. I’m gonna shop around a little bit more today, but omg it fits. @_@ And it’s classy. That’s the main thing.

So there’s this import store in the OPA building. I was shopping there one day, and I saw this colorful package. I checked. The package said “toast.” Just toast? I checked the back. yes, no sugary bread or anything special. Just dried bread. Toast. How boring! Who would buy that?

There were tons of them and they were marked down from 300 yen to 100 yen, so apparently nobody.
Not me!
But every time I walked by, I wondered…what did it taste like? Probably nothing!
….but……AAAAA so I caved in and bought it. 😀

IT’S GOOD. It’s kind of bland, but a little salty! CRUNCH! Easy to keep eating! I put peanut cream and jelly on them! YUMMY!! 😀 I bought three more.
Now I can say, “You’re toast, baby!” Hahahaha

or not. …