lots of training

Yesterday morning, I went to the AACC in the morning and talked to Abe-san! It was so good to see him and chat with him after the earth quake….

Only me and Tezuka-san showed up, and he was a lot bigger than me. Abe-san showed us some cool grappling submission holds. We sparred a bit, and then he showed us some Ground-and-pounds techniques which I found super-useful, and it became my burn out/ cardio for the session.

After training, I gave some clothes to a used clothes shop, and then went home and took a nap. When I say nap, I mean fall fast asleep. I woke up an hour later wondering if it was the next day. Then, I watched some Naruto and went to the evening AACC training session! I had a great time, except Abe-san tried to get me to do this striking drill I didn’t want to do. I was trying to get this girl to attack me a certain way so I could practice what I wanted, and he was like “no no, do this.”

@_@ oh well.

Then we sparred grappling and ended at 9:30 (instead of like…10:30) because the Gold Gym closes early to conserve energy. I really like this…8-9:30 is a good training session. 8:00 to 10:45 is way too long to be expected to perform at a high level the whole freaking time. @_@; Well, that’s because I actually start at 8, and a lot of people roll in around 9.

Now, it’s Friday morning.
I am soooo sore. 😀 I Just chatted with my mom on Skype, and she gave me a bunch of nutritional advice and information about vitamins and stuff. Like, you how Iron blocks the absorbtion of vitamin E, and you also shouldn’t take calcium pills with iron pills. And also too much vitamin B6 is bad. You can get it naturally in meat, liver, soy, and whole wheat. She knows that kind of stuff. ^^

Now I’m going to work!…