So I relaxed in the morning 😀  Chatted in my chatroom 😀 and then went to the AACC morning practice.

No Abe-san!  But Tezuka-san, Fujiwara-san, and Shige-san were there!  Regulars.  So I ended up teaching class.  lol Good thing they were regulars and friends, because I didn’t feel like dealing with  any odd feelings of some Japanese guy not wanting a foreign girl to teach. ^^  I taught them a series of moves that I have been thinking of using myself.

No, not the secret ninja techniques.  Like I told you before, those are TOP secret….

Anyway, it was fun. 😀 I was in charge.  I love teaching… so then I did some errands.  I brought a box of chocolates to Miss Furukawa Haruno, the really nice lady who works at Softbank and sold me my phone.  Three things frustrate me to tears in Japan:  doctors, talking on the phone and setting up phone service, and Internet service related things.  But Miss Furukawa spoke slowly and explained everything well.  She even stayed after hours to help me set up stuff that people normally do at home, because it was all in Japanese and I would have struggled.

I had perfect timing.  I got to compliment her to her co-worker, who told me she was on her break, and then she walked in the door.  She was so shocked and happy to I thanked her and gave her chocolates.  I’m glad, too. ^^

I couldn’t stop eating today….I was SO starving.  I ate plenty of calories, but just foods with no fat, so it wasn’t satisfying enough. @_@  Like carrots and fish sausage (kamaboko) and gum and calorie-free jelly drinks and lotus root.  Then dinner…fish and rice and veggies.  I’m trying to be good….I know I’m getting enough protein.

I took a nap while watchin Naruto…I like Suigetsu.

I went back to the AACC and Masa-san taught some wrestling moves. I worked with Rina.  Seems like lots of the girls have fights set, maybe even more so than the guys! LOL Active girls camp.  I had so much fun sparring and training.  Now I’m exhausted.

This was my dinner Wednesday.

Salad dinner with kamaboko

Salad dinner