fight prep, work, lifting, such is my life!

In the morning, I had a kick-@$$ training session with Kunioku-san.   He really knows how to prepare me for my fight.  It was for one hour but it felt like 5, with the intensity we were going at. That’s ideal. Then I worked, taught my rebellious kids -_- which felt like 5 classes (not ideal).   They misbehaved a lot.  I had to be really firm, and they listened, for the most part.  Then I went back to the gym and lifted weights. Such is my life.   I’m trying not to overdo it.

No training tomorrow!  Just work (just, haha) from 8 AM to 9:15 PM, but I get some breaks in between.

This pic is from Monday.  People were lined up outside a grocery store in the morning, waiting for it to open.  There was a Starbucks right across the way and a lady was handing out free samples.  Smart!  Nice way to take advantage of that.