party with SY and Seijo colleagues

My first student canceled yesterday, and she had three lessons.  After that I had a free prep period, so out of my six morning lessons, I taught two.  It was a relaxing morning for me.  Jack got a cancelation, too, so he gave me advice about what sight-seeing I can do in London if I have the time.  (He’s from London).

After lunch, I had an assessment, and then I shot over to the gym to do cardio.  After an hour of that in  a sauna suit, I lost one kilo (2 lbs).  I hoped it’d be more…I’m trying to do a test cut, but it WAS right after lunch and I was fully hydrated.  :-/


I didn’t think I’d be able to go, but I  managed to go to the gym and get back in time for the gathering.  One of our staff was transferred to a sister school in the Unit, another one went overseas, and someone came from over seas to our school.  So it was kind of a welcome/farewellbutnotreally party.  I don’t drink alcohol, and couldn’t eat a single damn thing because everything was french fries, fried chicken and curry.  I ordered a salad with no dressing on top of the course.  My pocket book was not happy, but I was happy, so oh well.  That’s all part of being a fighter! and living in Japan!!  Plus I hardly ever go out with my co-workers as a group anymore.

SY power!

I really am blessed to work with such wonderful people.  I’m grateful for my wonderful working environment.  I’m glad I have things in common with many of my colleagues and that everyone is generally positive.  I had a lot of fun last night.  Thanks, everyone!…