lots of work Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday seemed to merge together. I was pretty exhausted and kind of hanging on from the weekend. I think I avoided getting sick! 😀

I found a sale on goya! 😀

And in taking a goofy picture, I made an amazing discovery! 😀 The ceiling at the Maruetsu supermarket near my aparment is painted like the sky! XD

I slept pretty well on Sunday and I was encouraged because I took these over the counter sleeping pills. I took them again on Monday and Tuesday, but still woke up at 4 AM both times. 🙁 I guess they don’t help after all. They’re supposed to help you fall asleep, not stay asleep. Of course, since I had breakfast at 5, I was dragging all morning. Wednesday morning seemed to last a life-time, with six back to back lessons. I then met Yancey and we had a chat about work, but my brain wasn’t working anymore. -_- I kind of had ice cream and stuff after that…was really bad with my diet.

I’m hoping that because I’ve been lifting a lot last week and this week that some of that is turning into muscle…

I’m getting more and more stressed out about the nuclear power plants again. Apparently the government declared a maximum state of emergency…. the fuel rods had supposedly stopped increasing in heat, but now radioactive water that had been pumped in was escaping in the form of steam, and also pooling in the facility and escaping into the sea.

Some people I talked to are like, “OMG the pollution is spreading and there’s plutonium in the soil and the fish’ll eat it and omg.” Some other people say, “Yes, but in the sea the iodine has a short half-life so it’ll decay and become diluted. Also, the plutonium isn’t a problem for Tokyo folks, and even if the thing melts down, it’s more a local problem and wouldn’t effect Tokyo.

@_@ So…?

Students are still coming for lessons, although I miss my kids. We haven’t had kids lessons all month. 🙁

I get most of my news through twitter nowadays, which links me to various sites. So much stuff is about Libya, and I admit that I’m not paying attention AT ALL. I’ve stopped following a bunch of MMA accounts just because I have to scroll forever to find anything about Japan, and some of the people I follow just announce the same fights, so if you find that I’m suddenly not following you, forgive me. ^^;; I’m trimming my twitter follow list. I just don’t have time to read everything.

btw genki sudo has a twitter account 😀 And he can speak some English! @genki_sudo.
And he has a pretty sweet new music video!