no rest for the very weary

I was asked the other day “Are you okay? Are you over it (the loss)?”

Of course I’m not over it, what kind of question is that? -_-; If you can get over it that quickly, you didn’t really want to win.

Anyway, today I ate a lot of yummy stuff I’ve been depriving myself of, did erands, laundry, cleaned my place, did everything BUT REST, and then went to work.

I always tell myself, REST after a fight or I’ll catch a cold.
By entire body hurts. I have cuts and scratches all over my back.
I’m signing up for bonus lessons on Thursday since I can’t train.
I should rest.
I don’t want to be alone, though.
Today I enjoyed hanging out in the teacher’s room with my co-workers Jack and Dan. We totally made fun of the various kids lesson plans in the teacher’s books. What was the electrician doing? It looks like he had some stick and the 8 year old kids were supposed to draw a line, matching it to another pic…which looked kind of like a circut breaker.

Jack: “I don’t even know what to tell them. ‘The electrician is inserting a nail into the circuit breaker?’ The carpenter is hammering a nail into a metal beam?” It was pretty funny. I wonder what he ended up doing. I had to teach my little rebels “It tastes spicy/sweet/sour/bitter/salty.” Only there weren’t any flash cards for spicy, and the only idea for bitter written in the teacher’s manual was ‘coffee.’
So I just grabbed a bunch of food flash cards, and had them say answer my ‘how does it taste?’ with “the candy tastes sweet!” “The French Fries taste salty!” etc.

Then Q and A with the picture book. The boy who introduced himself as “My name is Mayuge! (eyebrows)” answered, “Skunk tastes sour!” LOL and they all started doing it. I said, “What tastes sweet!?” and another girl shouted “ELEPHANT TASTES SWEET!”

Sure, why not?

Then the older rebel in my next class wouldn’t stop doing her math homework in front of me during class. How rude! I had the staff tell her grandmother. Who will hopefully relate the message to the parents.

omg a little boy in my class snapped my bra!? I was like WTF you’re like 8! At least he didn’t kancho me (something little boys do to male teachers, which consists of putting their fingers together as if praying, and driving it up the man’s butt. Yes.) But the bra snapping happened to snap right on a painful cut, little rebel!

Okay I’ll go to bed now. I’m going to wake up at 5. Five five five five. Mind over matter. If I’m successful, that means I’ll have slept 8 hours. Five five five FIVE O’CLOCK, come on Roxy’s mind!