activity tivity tivity! :D

I was very active today.
I am very genki right now…all day, actually! 😀 😀 😀

I woke up at 4 AM, unfortunately…. @_@ ate breakfast, did net stuff, and chatted with a colleague for like two and a half hours on Skype. lol Fellow early riser…

I ate my eda mame tofu! Man that stuff was SO FREAKING GREENLY GOOD! It tasted like eda mame, and, well, it was GREEEN, come on. It didn’t last 24 hours in my apartment, lol.

Mailed T-shirts to people, went to the gym and lifted. Kind of ate too much, but oh well… Then raced home and practiced English with my restaurant-owner friend. I really enjoy doing scratch tickets with him. lol If it looks like he’s gonna get three in a row, he scratches a different one, and I’m like “OMG SCRATCH THAT ONE! Let’s see if you won!” and he’s like, “Oh damnit this one is no good…” but he’s looking at the wrong spot. lol Kozo is so funny. 😀

When I met Kozo, we passed these people dressed up in formal dress and banging on a drum and dancing! Turns out they were advertising the new Hana no Mai Japanese Izayaka (restaurant/bar)!

Me, being the paparazzi, took a flier and posed with the lady! 😀

In the coffee shop, across the room, two ladies’ cell phones went ‘Weeeo weeeeo weeeeo!’ like a siren. Kozo said, “oh there’s gonna be an earth quake!” and just as he said, the building started shaking a little. ^^;; Turns out there was a 5 point something off the coast of Chiba. (That’s just north of Tokyo) so we felt it in Kanagawa. I checked the iPhone Ap store for an alarm, but couldn’t find a good one. 🙁 Just now (about 7ish) I felt kind of a big one… I got a notification afterwards and said there was a 6.4 IN Chiba. That’s kind of big….
Came home, and was almost done watching Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (again) and then…black out! 😀

(staff at the convenience store are helping a lady find the rice ball she wants)

So I went through clothes and found stuff I never wore. I wanna get rid of stuff. _< I wonder if the city takes donations of new clothes. I had bought a few shirts I thought fit, but they're too small. I have....SO many T-shirts. The black out didn't last TOO long... I'm getting sleepy, but if I fall asleep now, I'll wake up, ready to start my day, and a wonderful 3 AM. o_O;;; For the record, I HATE iTunes. and why isn't Twitter loading?! *Kicks it* You twit! >:D

I am wearing my hat inside my apartment. Mom used to say, “Nanny always used to wear a hat inside! (my grandmother) It actually keeps you warm!”

I’m listening to “Let me” by Rihanna. I don’t like the lyrics so much, but I love the beat and rhythem. It’s weird……..I’m annoyed at the same time I’m enjoying it. I get that way with a lot of Eminem and Limp Bizkit songs. Do you guys get that? I’m too innocent… o_O;;; cuz I don’t want to listen to dirty songs…..

btw did I mention that Kunioku-san and I ran into Minowa-man in the gym yesterday? 😀 I saw him coming up the stairs and thought, “Damn I know this guy, it’s…it’s…” and Kunioku said, “Roxanne, it’s Minowa-man! you want a picture, right?! Here gimmie your camera so you can Tweet it later!” LOL I hadn’t even aisatsu-ed him yet! (formally introduced myself and greeted him). We did just that, and he was a good sport. lol Apparently, Kunioku knew the other guy who came as a training partner, because he was using casual-style Japanese words with him.

Tomorrow I GO BACK TO WORK YAY!!! I haven’t been to work in a week and a half. I kind of enjoyed it, kind of not. But it’ll be good to be back. BACK. I am back. I will be back. Back. My back hurts. ._. BUT it’s okay. *German accent* I told you I’d be back! Well, not German, but my German co-worker can do a good Arnold…I wonder when he’s coming back from Nagoya…I wonder when Jack’s coming back…okay shutting up now.…