I finished Shaman King

I finished watching Shaman King! It has 64 episodes. I watched about 30 episodes when I was in college, but then couldn’t get it any more.

Fast forward 8 years, and here I am! I was recalling some of the anime I used to watch, and thought, “oh yeah, I gotta try and finish that Shaman King!” So I rewatched it from the beginning.

The plot is about people (humans) who can control a spirit and use it to do various things, for example fight, or protect wildlife, or cause chaos, douse for water, whatever.

I really got to like certain characters over time. I even came to like Anna and Ryu, both of whom I thought I would never like. I think my favorite character at first was Ren. (It helps that he’s voiced by my favorite voice actress Romi Paku, who did Ed in Full Metal Alchemist.) But actually, I really came to like Yoh, and Amidamaru is so cool. I really like his heart, even though his attitude is a little too relaxed. LOL Things always work out. Nan to ka naru yo ne! ^^

I watched the last four eps this morning, and really enjoyed them. I liked how it ended, although it didn’t end with Hao. Hahahaha (oh gosh @_@ *Ren stabs me*)

I love Chocolove and his HORRIBLE jokes that even *I* don’t find funny, and I have a pretty corney sense of humor. LOL

So anyway, that was nice.
Off to morning training now.
I wonder who’ll come.
I’m gonna do some cardio before class starts. I got over my cold, but my throat still feels funny. ~_~; I don’t wanna over-do it too much. I only have ten days before my fight!!