fight-hair, Naruto T-shirt, etc

I ate a light breakfast and headed out early.  In Atsugi, I worked out at the Gold’s Gym, took a nap on the mats in the dark exhausted- pro-fighter-style, and then got my hair done at my favorite salon “Crave Hair.”  Fukuda-san always corn-rows a 63 into my hair, and makes it look super cool. XD Every time I’ve had a fight in Japan, I’ve gone to him.

(This is a cool perspective pic, isn’t it?  And FYI I had to mirror-image-switch this pic in my paint shop cuz the 63 was backwards since I took the pic in a mirror.  And yes, that’s a Naruto figure hanging from my cell phone. XD)

Then, I stopped the best bakery in the world- Baker & Chef for my favorite pari pari mentai ko bread.  I miss going there. 🙁

Had a little sushi, did some DDR for exercise, and found myself in Uniqlo hoping I’d find another tank top.  Instead, I found Naruto shirts on sale, from 1,500 yen ($18 ) to 500 yen  ($6).  I …don’t….need…another T-shirt, but it was Naruto!  And cheap! ;_;  And you can never have too many T-shirts of your favorite anime, because you know SOMEDAY it’ll get worn out, or ripped or stained, and then there’ll be TEARS and mourning….BUT if you have a SECOND one, it’ll fill the void. 🙂 Or a third. Or a fourth. XD XD~

It took an hour and a half to get home, and I’ve been watching Naruto and cleaning ever since.  I just cleaned my microwave.  I had no idea how much smelly disgusting crud was stuck to the walls.  I clean the plate but I guess something exploded and I forgot about it?  I’m usually good about cleanliness.  bleh!

This girl had really nice shoes on the train, and I took a picture without her noticing.  Yeah, I know, I gotta stop taking snap-shots of strangers, but I figured that if I didn’t include her head, it would be less creepy.  ….Do you think it’s creepy?  I just wanna show the shoes…. ._.  If it’s creepy, I’ll stop.  Maybe…  but I’m not a pervert or anything!  I swear.

Aren’t they nice?  I dunno if they’re my style.  I prefer arch support, so I always wear the same sneakers every day.