Today I woke up with a stomach ache because I ate too much last night at the party.

I went to an important ‘meeting’ in Tokyo. It was all in Japanese, so I had to focus REALLY hard for four hours. At least I didn’t have to speak. On top of that, the room was SO HOT that literally a third of the people were falling asleep. Including some people who had to make important decisions. I was NOT happy about that.

So I leave that kind of freaking out, and find that I missed two calls. One, Gold’s Gym cuz I had to ask permission for Dan to interview me there. I asked Megumi and she told me to ask Abe-san who gave me permission and told me to tell the front desk staff. I told them, and they said, “okay!” That was this morning. NOW I get the call that says “Call us back” so I did. The lady told me that I need to get permission from head office, so I need to call them. But wait, why? o_o; I didn’t have to last time… so she tried explaining and I got confused and couldn’t understand her Japanese, so I got so upset….she asked me to spell the website Dan represented, so I did, but she couldn’t understand my American pronunciation of English letters. (i.e. You don’t say “en” for /n/, you have to say “enoooo.” etc) I asked her what her name was and she’s like “ooohh@#$*#@$ desu.” She repeated it 4 times and I couldn’t get it… I burst into tears and hung up on her.


It’s because I used up all my patience at the ‘meeting.’

Her name is really unusual. It’s “Ohmomo.” I have never heard that before, and over the phone, it sounded like she was swallowing something.

She called me back and got a guy on the phone who could speak a little English. He told me that I had to call head office. I asked why. He said, “Uh I dunno.” (LOL) I said, “Fine, give me the number.” He did, and I said, “What should I say?” He said, “You should say….uh…” and confired with the lady. THEN he said, “Never mind, you don’t have to call.” *DIES* omfg

I had an autocorrect moment with Dan on my iphone. 😀
(btw I’m not being racist…I’m just pissed at Japanese red tape, not Japanese people. ‘baka’ means ‘stupid/moron’)

THEN the real estate lady called back. I’d asked the guard to find out if any rooms are open in my building because I want to get Sakura to move down here. The agent said, “bousho shite inai.” I said, “I don’t understand boushou” and she just kept repeating “boshou shite inai.” I said “So there’s no room open?” and she said, “no, that’s not’s just…boushou shitenai…” I said, “So it’s no good? (dame desu ka?) and she REPEATED.

WTF LADY. Can’t you communicate the concept with another word besides “boushou?” or at least just say “IT WONT WORK?” so I can finish the conversation? I said “FINE, I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and hung up. >_< So upset....tears etc. Went to training, got through the interview by making myself genki by reminding myself that I'm in my LOVELY NEW OFFICE and I LOVE my job so much and weeeeeeee 😀 Then I learned a new grappling move. 😀 I worked with Michiko. Then I sparred Megumi and Ayaka and it was super great. When I made it back to my home station, I ran favorite person! 😀 my new-old boss! 😀 That completed my night. Now I'm back to my normal genki self. lol This lady had nice shoes.

Oh no, I’m back to paparazzi-ing random people’s shoes on the train….