Jewels weigh-ins

All morning, I watched anime (Naruto and Gargoyles) and slept.  I weighed in at 1 PM.  I knew I’d be under, but still ate lightly and didn’t drink much just to be safe.  I feel really dizzy when I don’t eat, so I wanted to make sure I was light enough to get something in my stomach when I had to find my way to the weigh-in location.

The contract weight was 61 kilos (134 lbs) but I weighed in at 59.8 kilos (131 lbs).

I wore this really nice Tussle Shirt. It’s slightly see-through and really light, so it looks cool to wear a tank top or something under it.

I sat with HIROKO, Celine….

and V.V. Mei…..

I met Yoko Takahashi, and well, a lot of people.

After weigh-ins, I ate chicken and veggies that I’d prepared. On the way home, I had a rice ball, anpan, and an ice cream cone. Then I had more salad/veggies and chicken when I got home. I feel pretty good.

I have a lot of things on my mind.
This fight means so much to me on so many levels.
I mentioned on twitter that it’s the one year anniversary of me being slammed on my head. I haven’t forgotten. I’m still honored I got the chance to get a title shot.

I’ve been watching Naruto ever since I got home. Kind of light-hearted flash back-episodes, so I started watching Die Hard. I love that movie….

Off topic, I was walking home the other day and I thought my shadow looked kinda cool. I took a pic, and now it hits me. Doesn’t it look a little like Laura Croft?