Kudo Sekkotsuin

I went to Kudo Sekkotsuin today. That place was recommended to me by Katsumura-san, where he and his fighters go. A ‘sekkotsuin’ is like the Japanese style of Chiropractor/physical therapist, but I don’t think the workers are licenced medical doctors. It’s like massage/adjustments/stupid electric therapy. I hate that…I don’t feel it’s effective. I want MORE time with the doctor/worker/staff guy, and less laying on the table with stupid electrodes stimulating my muscles to twitch. -_-;

Anyway, I didn’t want to go, but Katsumura-san, BJ, and basically everyone at Ground Slam was like “get yer butt over there,” and I should ask for Mihara, who’s a member of Ground Slam.

So I went.

He said, this and that were wrong, and I’m like ‘yeah yeah I know, can you fix me?’

When I left, I could turn my head all the way to the left again, and bend over to tie my shoes without extreme pain. WOOOOOOOOOOO! #mt.
I wonder how often it’s okay to go? Once every other day? :O It wasn’t that expensive. Kind of inconvenient to get to, but hey.

I like. I like a lot. Mihara-san is great.

Today I had a meeting with my boss. It was good. I taught a kids group and adults. They were all good. I finished Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer, and it was excellent!

My rib hurts. A lot. I think I got kneed in Monday’s sparring? I don’t remember, but there’s no other explanation. 🙁 I signed up for bonus lessons tomorrow evening.

I had some ground beef today- a small portion- and it didn’t upset my stomach. wooptie doo. I tried to eat a lot of meat today. Chicken later on, and some ham.

This is a very random blog entry.
and I wish this program had a spellcheck.…