okay day- work and gym

I had a decent day today. I started at 10 AM (and went until 11:30) so I could take my time in the morning. I had sushi at that great kaitenzushi place on the 11th floor of the Sky Building in Yokohama. OMG I LOVE LOVE that place. I also had my vegetables that I packed with some boiled shell fish, because there’s not enough protein in just two pieces of sushi. (that’s all the rice I wanted).

I then….had a manju (like a sugary bean cake- temporary lapse in self control) and THEN went to the gym. I did warm-ups, balance ball core stuff, and lifted back and chest. I’m still not sure how good my back is, so I had canceled the appointment with my personal trainer. I want to get my money’s worth if I go see him. :/

I found blank PUZZLE pieces in the 100 yen shop, for crafts. That’s JUST the kind of thing I was looking for to help teach phonics to our kids. 😀 I wrote the alphabet and put them in the kids classrooms. I hope other teachers use them.

I taught my evening lessons, and they all went well.

Tomorrow is my day off. I want to see the movie “Immortals.” Usually I can’t see movies because I fall asleep because I’m sleep deprived and exhausted, but I’m going to skip morning training, so maybe I can stay awake? 😡

I’ve got the Dwarves’ Yodeling song stuck in my head! Listen at your own risk!