What is a pro-fighter? Survey results:

I didn’t intend for this to be a survey, but I found the results interesting, so I’m going to post them here. I got a mix of responses from fighters, fans, people who train, and reporters alike, via Twitter and Facebook, to the question:

Describe what “professional fighter” is in your mind with 5 words

My answer: courage, glory, unbalanced, pain, hard work

Everyone else’s:
-Forever stressed and sleep deprived
-Sportsmanship, Dedicated, Artistic, Resilient and Courageous.
-Fights in monetary reward fights
-honorable, virtuous, skillful, charismatic,myself
-somebody that fights for money
-Someone who fights for money
-Paid to fight, sanctioned.
-Dedicated, role model, heart, humble.
-Gets punched for a living!
-a boxer who gets pay to fight
-a fighter who gets paid
-disciplied successful fighter with recognition
-a fighter that makes weight.
-Devoted Individual With Sheer Will
-Highly trianed, dedicated, brave warrior.
-Physical and Mental Perpetual Honor
-Gets paid to smash you.
-Passionate, self-driven, motivated, misunderstood, persevering
-Doing what you love everyday
-dedication, drive, heart, technique, and motivation
-Passion and desire over money
-Honest, Tenacious, Disciplined, Controlled, Patient
-paid disciplined honorable pugilist!
-One paid to fight competitively.
-Always struggling to make it…
-Makes weight and brings it.
-War followed by a handshake
-legally fights for a living
-Tough, proud, loyal… and hits hard.
-A soft-spoken murderous striker…