I’m mentally tired. 🙁 No grappling, no refresh. *sigh* I keep waking up at 3:30 AM every morning again. My leg is not getting better fast enough. It sucks. I can walk almost normally now, though, but it still hurts to push on it, and it randomly just starts ACHING. -_-;

Sunday was kind of a struggle through work, despite me trying to tell myself that I couldn’t be tired, since I didn’t train hard (well, weight-lifting, but that’s not cardio) and I did some office work.

I did over-time lessons, too…. gotta save up for future private lessons. And a new computer. U_u When my baby was in ‘safe mode,’ I uninstalled this adobe flash player, and now it won’t re-download it. I can’t watch One Piece anymore! 🙁 I wonder if that was the problem? Because at least it runs now….

Anyway, after work, I went to the AACC hanami. That means “Cherry Blossom Viewing picnic.” I’ve been to Keishukai ones, that are crazy because people got smashed, but nobody did at the AACC. ^^;; I wasn’t really close to anyone accept Megumi ^^;;.

It was nice, though. It was cold. The cherry blossoms were pretty, and it was at night. I went home early, though, because I couldn’t find a comfortable siting position on the hard ground. I couldn’t sit crosslegged, or with my knees up because of my back, and it hurt to stand. 🙁

Today I have a work-related meeting and then lifting. My body from the lower back down hurts. 🙁 I’ll do my best, though. This week will be full of work meetings and stuff. I love the change of pace and doing new things.

I WANT TO PUBLISH MY BOOK! ;_; Yes, Loretta has been giving me writing advice but I still don’t have an agent or anybody to publish my book. I’ve gotten nothing but rejections from agents saying that it’s not up their alley, but I’ve been emailing people down a list of random agents that list “sports” and “biographies” as their interests. Can’t somebody get me ‘in?’ Seems like lots of other fighters are publishing books, and here I am with a complete book and nobody’ll look at it!!! >_< I'm really really frustrated! And my job is great, but it has no possibility for future salary increase. I mean, technically, there is, but it's negligable. Nothing I can retire on. *sigh* I'm frustrated with that. Now that I don't have training to distract me, I'm turning my energy to dwelling on stuff like this.