Introducing….The Happy Warrior Calendars!!! 😀
I found a place near my apartment that custom-makes calendars from photos!
So I’ve decided to sell them.

Here is how it works.
A) Look at the below images and chose 12 of them.
B) email me at basilisk875(at) (replaced ‘at’ with @) and tell me which ones you want, by Alphabet letter. Tell me your name and address. Tell me if you want me to sign every photo or not. Tell me which month you want me to start from, i.e. if you want me to start from next month (May or June or whatever) or from the start of next year.
C) paypal me 3,000 yen to my paypal account which I will tell you in the email (or whatever that is in dollars, or your country’s currency). I only take paypal, unless I know you personally. Sorry!

Then I shall make them and a few weeks later, the pictures will show up at your door.
NOTES: IT DOES NOT COME WITH A FRAME. They are post-card sized photos, so I recommend buying a picture frame and just changing the photo every month. sorry about that. 🙂
And they have Japanese holidays on them. 😛

The professional-looking ones are taken by Daniel Herbertson. 🙂