Please read my big announcement about joining the Ground Slam team, if you missed it on Friday:
link to Friday’s blog entry

This weekend I was pretty exhausted. Saturday I can understand, since I trained Friday morning, but my shoulder was bothering me, so I couldn’t really train so well on Saturday evening. I ended up just watching most of class, which was depressing. -_- Actually, I know the shoulder will stop acting up in a few days, so it’s not as depressing as it could be, but seriously….sometimes I wonder how I’ll ever fight again if I keep getting hurt one time after another. 🙁

Well, it was painful to only watch, but I got some good technique out of watching BJ! Fantastic instructor. And I chatted with the guys and told them I joined the team.

On Sunday, I was still exhausted, which made me feel wimpy because I hadn’t trained so hard. Maybe lack of sleep? I woke up at 4:30 both days, and went to bed at 11:00 PM….I shouldn’t have watched those episodes of One Piece….they’re in the middle of battles in the Impel Down saga. ~_~;;

After work on Sunday, I went to the gym and just did some eliptical machine for about 10 minutes, plus other minor stuff…so tired. Then I met up with Mariko and her fiance! She’s getting married and moving to Nagano! ;_; I’m so happy for her! I really like her finance. He loves One Piece, and when I found this out, we totally monopolized the conversation with One Piece for the next 30 minutes (sorry Mariko!) lol That was so much fun talking about it.

Here’s a picture of us!

And I made a reservation and I said my name was “Roxanne.” Of course in Japanese it sounds like “roku san” which is how I get my nick name “sixty three.” But another thing is that people use the suffix -san to mean “Mr. and Mrs. and “Miss/Ms.” You don’t call YOURSELF -san unless you’re a little kid who doesn’t know better (my kindergarten kids sometimes do that). But the staff guy thought that I was a dumb foreigner who didn’t know better and was calling myself “Miss” so he replaced it with the honorary polite suffix -sama that you use for guests or upper-status people, transforming me into…..Rock-sama! XD Miss Rock!! XD

It’s written here on the specials menu.

I hope I can train this morning!!