On Sunday, I worked and then hung out with Tony in Kawasaki in the evening. (My friend from California who’s visiting Japan! :D) I took him to all my favorite shops. XD It was amusing and fun.

On Monday, we went to the Groundslam dojo together! I sparred a lot with him, Celine, and I sparred Lion Takeshi for the first time! :O He asked me to spar just when I was gonna take a break…but he would have kicked my butt even if I weren’t tired. 🙁 He’s like Shooto champ. lol I just wish I could have done better. Grar ;_; He thought it was hilarious to pepper my face with punches when I was clinching him against the wall, trying to work a take down. I was so focused I wasn’t being bothered…but I bet if he punched for real I would. Which was probably why he was laughing. lol

Tony showed me this cool secret attack move that is called….! I’m not telling. XD I’m gonna work on it more. Mhwahahaha I’m having a lot of fun training with you, Tony! 😀 Steve showed us lots of leg locks. I definitely have my preference for leg-locks, but we worked them all. Towards the end of the second class’ practice, my worn-out body couldn’t take any more and I kind of collapsed. ._.; But I’d sparred hard in the beginning.

I then taught Katsumura-san English for a while and then did various things in the afternoon. Finally mailed my Dad’s present! That was a big accomplishment in my day. I hope it is perfect!

Then I took Tony all the way to Ikebukuro to go to the Inoki Sakaba restaurant BUT IT HAD CLOSED. I was soooooooooooo disappointed. ~_~; It took a while to get there and I really wanted to show him….. ;___; Bakabakabakabakaaaaaaa! We should have just gone to the one in Shinjuku. I even checked the website, but misunderstood the interwebs. –;

We ended up finding another place. I still had a lot of fun. XD

Today will be another busy day. I have some stuff going on at my work-place and related to my company. It’s a little stressful. I hope everything turns out well.