Professional athletes train a lot. MMA fighters have to train a lot they have to train, right? Especially nowadays to be a well-rounded fighter and compete on a super-high level. They have to do striking, grappling, take-downs, transitions. Not only that, but strength, conditioning, stamina, etc.

I wonder about people’s training schedules sometimes.

I read fighters describe them in interviews.

“On Monday, I go for a five mile run. Then I come back and do sparring for an hour or so with my team. Then in the evening, I teach class and do evening mitt-work and kick boxing. On Tuesday, I lift weights in the morning, do my technique before lunch, teach the evening class, then do evening sparring. On Wednesday morning, I have my mitt-work with my coach so and so…”

Really? I mean, really?

I wonder if fighters are sometimes being untruthful or exaggerating their training schedules. For example, if they say, “I spend the night at the gym!” but they really just do a few rounds on the bag and then hang around for the rest of the night.

Five years ago when I was 24, I sometimes did double sessions, like twice on Monday, and twice on Thursday. I wasn’t taking any supplements. I tended to get hurt a lot. I’m 29 now, and I feel like a wuss when I have to take a day off because I’m sore or hurt or something. I try and take supplements like protein powder, glucosamine, and gluttamine.

Another friend said to me, ‘Roxanne, people who are able to train insane amounts like that have GOTTA be taking something. (i.e. doping.)”


As a fighter, on the other hand, if I get interviewed, I want to make it seem like I’m spending A LOT of time training and working hard. I want to present a strong face. On the OTHER HAND, people like me read these interviews, try and copy these schedules, and then get depressed when we can’t do them. I idolize and look up to certain fighters. For aspiring athletes trying to use them as role-models, I don’t see ‘rest’ coming into the picture, or talking about injuries and taking time off. There’s always some disclaimer like, “oh if I’m hurt I’ll go light.” How about admitting that you stay home and eat junk food in front of the TV? Or go on a date with your significant other?

I’m not writing this to criticize pro fighters who write like this, but rather, I’m confused and I want to know if fighters are really super-heroes who can train three times a day for 6 days a week and not get hurt or burned out. Okay, so you trained three times a day Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, and then on Thursday went for a 5 mile run, and then did weight training? If I do weight training, my body is worn out, so the next day, I have to be careful in sparring or I’ll get hurt.

I really want to know what the real story is…please, someone tell me!!