Friday I worked all day. Yesterday (Saturday) I also worked all day. My shoulder hurts a lot ;_; So I can’t train right now. *sigh* I met Tony after work and we went to this restaurant near my office that I’ve always wanted to go to.

The atmosphere was really classy and amazing, and the food wasn’t too expensive. We ate a lot, though, so it wasn’t exactly cheap.

There was this ad in katakana, that at first, I thought said “party” but then thought “bo-dei,” but that makes no sense, so we were discussing that….we had to wait for it to flash on the screen again. Then it DID and we noticed the ‘ten ten’ marks, making it ba-dei.” wtf is that?
Tony: Oh, BIRDIE! Notice the golfing guy picture?

Wow, nice one. It’s a whiskey sour. A LUCKY sour. XD Mixed with this carbonated soft drink, which upon closer inspection, encourages us to LET’S VITAMIN!! XD ROTF

The staff were very responsive at first, but as the night wore on, they just STOPPED coming. :O Very friendly and nice and apologetic about that, but we were pushing the button like 5 times before they came, and near the end, my dessert, Tony’s beer, and the check took FOREVER to come. We even started joking about leaving without paying, because NOBODY would bring us the check!

But I figured that I might want to come back some day, so it wouldn’t do any good to get blacklisted. lol (plusit’sacrime) So….as I tend to do sometimes…I started playing with my food, or rather, the left overs of our meal. XD

Cabbage from my salad plus whipped cream from my crepe. XD Hahaha we laughed so hard.

I took Tony to the Warehouse, excuse me, ‘YOUR Warehouse.” The entertainment arcade game center. We played a Kinnukuman game. At first, Tony kicked my butt. Then, I changed to a character (Kinnikuman) who could actually punch and kick and was smooth, and then I started kicking butt. But I got bored, so Tony took over for me. 😀

We also spotted a single-person karaoke box! My first time to see one!
I saw two people in there, though.

Then I saw these Dragon Ball Z games, which I am totally going to play at a later date. The graphics were so amazing. I posed next to the Goku cardboard cut-out.

Now it’s Sunday, time to rinse and repeat. Another long day at work ahead of me!