This morning, actually, my train was stopped so I was SO stressed out, running from taxi stop to taxi stop trying to find one with a short line, so I could make it to my outservice on time. I ended up having to RUN to the day-care and didn’t have much time to prep. I was 5 minutes late. ;_;

I’ve HAD IT with my kid’s day-care outservice.
I’m tired of being groped by little kids!!

There’s this one girl, especially, who is mentally slower than average. I was literally grappling with her the whole class! She won’t keep her hands off of me! When I sit down, she sprawls across my lap, limp. She often just flops down when we’re doing some kind of activity. She hangs off my arms so I can’t hold up the flash cards, and when I gently remove her hands, she just latches back on, as if we were doing some kind of grip fighting. If I raise my arms to get them away, she starts sticking her hands up my shirt! I was constantly pushing her away and peeling her off to the point where I started feeling bad. When I pushed her away, she just flopped limply to the floor and hit her head on the floor!!!

She’s just a little kid…but…GET FREAKING OFF OF ME. omg >< STOP touching my breasts, STOP hanging off of me, GET OFF MY LAP and stop rubbing my legs! Jesus! I noticed large red rashes all over her legs. She always seems to have these! She's scratching! "So itchy!" she said, and then immediately, WIPED her hand all over my bare arms. was as if she INTENDED to give me some communicable bacterial infection. Like, "Oh it's so itchy, I should rub some on my teacher." I was really upset and tried to get away, but she just latched RIGHT onto me. That's just one of the 20 kids in my class running around, tugging on my clothes. I know, they're like 4 or 5 years old, but I really need the assistant staff to help me. I really need the staff to STOP putting the handicap girl next to me. I was distracted and couldn't effectively teach class because I was so busy trying to keep her hands off me and my props. After class, I washed my arms and leg with soap in the bathroom. I don't deserve that. I don't get paid enough for that. More than a little freaked out, I met Tony for lunch at Otoya. It was great! I took him to Kawasaki Daishi shrine after that, which was nice. I ate so much today. lol Goma ice cream and rice crackers at my favorite sembei shop. I'm glad I got to show him stuff. 😀 It was really nice, but it was hot and I was SO exhausted...I still am. I had to go back to work after that... I'm preoccupied big time by various things...I just want to sleep at this point. ;_; I get to train tomorrow, yaaaaay! And it's September 11th. Everyone's writing "Never forget." Then my friend wrote on Facebook, "What if we add "always forgive" after "never forget?" Yeah... I want to honor and respect the victims who passed away, and our heroes. Not hold onto anger and vengeance.