Tony’s visit, a duck in a river, dancing with myself

I dreamed Tony and I went to an amusement park.

Speaking of Tony, he went back to California on Friday.


I really enjoyed your visit to Japan, Tony!! ^o^ We got to train a lot, and he oversaw some of my weight-training. We went sight-seeing and I learned more about beer than I ever wanted to know. LOL I find myself asking my students follow-up questions like, “Oh yeah, you went drinking? What is your favorite kind of beer?” and then thinking, “Oh, super-dry? Tony says it’s not so flavorful.”


Tony’s such a smart guy. I learned so much hanging around him. It was almost like a joke…I’d just start asking him random questions, and he would KNOW. We were taking about fiber and he was telling me how some humans can’t survive eating grass because it’s almost all fiber and our stomaches physically can’t digest it, etc etc. Like, how do you KNOW this stuff? 😀

….I just found myself downloading a few songs on itunes that we karaoked. ^^;;

On Wednesday, I taught Groundslam’s morning class because Katsumura-san was out of town. It was a lot of fun…I taught did take-downs from the wall, and clinching. Tony tried out a bajillion leg-locks on me and I was the test dummy. hah fun and games!

(Kubota-san laying the smack-down on Arai-san ^^;;)

On Thursday, I took Tony to the RAMEN museum because he’s obsessed with Ramen. I never eat ramen because it’s oily and gives me a stomachache, but I had some Sapporo style miso ramen that was especially good. And lots of ice cream, of course. XD Gotta regulate the body temperature…hot with cold !

I love this picture. I’m always happy-looking, but Tony looks SO excited about that ramen. lol XD It was freaking amazing!

Tony took me to this bar that was having a special beer-tasting event…which is totally NOT my environment (I drank water), but it was actually a really cool place. 😀 He tested this beer somebody brought in to be sampled and was like, “Hmmmm this needs to be heated a little more when it’s mashed” and was giving the guy brewing advice. I was like, “WOW, he knows a lot.” :O

This weekend was a whirlwind of work, and I participated in the evening Groundslam class! Brittany was there! 😀 I still don’t feel 100% healthy injury-wise, so I sat out the wrestling part. *sigh* But got a lot of good work done before that. -_-;

I was walking to training and I saw this duck, swimming in the river.

It was just a single duck, playing alone, in the big, wide river. I suddenly related to that duck- I’m a social creature and need my friends to keep from being lonely, but I like freedom, swimming and playing as I like.

Sing it, Billy!