My Monday was ridiculously amazing!

First, I went to Groundslam pro-training and trained with Brittany and Celine. Did so many wrestling shots that now I can’t walk, my quads are so sore. XD

After that, I had my luncheon birthday party! My actual birthday is September 24th, but Monday was a national holiday and people had off from work! I mixed my worlds of work friends, fight-friends, Japanese friends.

As I said, I’m turning THIRTY, so I want to PARTY LOTS. XD I want to have another one with my friends I couldn’t invite to this one….

I ate so much and I had such an awesome time! Thanks so much, everyone! (I’m posting pics now, but I’ll send them to you later)

The only bad thing was that they brought out FOUR PIZZAS after HALF the people had left, and THEN wouldn’t let us take it home. -_-: Basically, three full ones didn’t get touched. I was mad, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s minor.

Then, Brittany and I went to ZST where we sported our new team Groundslam wear and cheered on our teammates! 😀

Tetsu-san and Baba-san and others! I enjoyed watching with Brittany about 100x more than alone…I actually dislike watching fights alone. :/

ZST rules are weird.

Anyway, we all left the venue after the event. As we were getting out of the elevator, this okama (cross-dresser) attacked our beloved coach, Katsumura-san, trying to hug and kiss him!!! :O!!

The whole Groundslam team (10 or more) was like, “….. O_O;;;;….. *GRAB CAMERA*”

Nobody tried to help him. LOL She/he was HUGE, and was pressing Katsumura-san into the arcade Crane Game machine! LOL I didn’t know what was going on, and everyone was laughing, so I just snapped like 5 pictures with my iPhone. Katsumura-san later said that he was afraid he’d twist his knee and injure it again if he resisted, and the Okama-chan was saying, “Ah, you’re so cool! I love you now! Give me a kiss! Just a gentle kiss!”

LOL omfg we almost peed our pants laughing.

We went out to eat after that. All of us together!

I love Brittany! I love my friends!! <3 I love my teammates! I LOVE GROUNDSLAM SO VERY VERY MUCH!!