Today Mom and I woke up and went to an early show of the movie “The Avengers.” WE LOVED IT. Omg it was so excellent! 😀 I hadn’t heard such a good review of it, but I thought it was outstanding. 😀 I loved the script and the way the scenes were put together. Lots of action, but not TOO much in a row, like, for example, the Transformers. I just got TIRED through a 20 minute action scene.

But I think they successfully integrated everyone’s personality quirks, and I love Stark. XD I thought he was too arrogant at first and didn’t like him, but now I do. 😀 And the Back Widow is so cool, and Hawkeye. 😀 Do they have their own comics? They must, right?

Anyway, after that, we had lunch at Otoya. I got the Oyakodon and Mom got the Aji (horse mackerel) and rice. We went shopping at Village Vanguard in Kawasaki!

I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to pose with a crazy Japanese sign. 😀

Following that, the sun came out, so I took Mom to Kawasaki Daishi! The 5 story pagoda was OPEN and people were going IN. I’ve never gone in a pagoda before!!

IT WAS SO COOL!! We climbed the stairs, and then went UNDERNEATH and saw a shrine! I was very excited. 😀 Of course, stopped by my favorite sembei shop, and the shop owner said that Mom and I looked exactly a like, and we were “Beautiful!” hahahah

After that, we went to Omori so I could use my Birthday 20% off coupon at the Gold Gym’s store! I got Glutamine! I told mom that she could go walk around the 100 yen shop downstairs while I worked out.

I lifted weights lightly. Various things still hurt, and I’ll be damned if I know why. *sigh* Anyway, when I came back down, I found out that mom had just sat down there, resting, at the tables. Then she said, “okay, let’s go to the 100 yen shop!”
;_; Uh, I was hoping she’d get it out of her system while I was exercising.
Oh well?
We spent over an hour just wandering around looking at random things. Well, she loves the 100 yen shops, and I drag her everywhere shopping for me when I go to the USA to visit.

SO….I’d like to know what they put in hamburgers that let them go unrefrigerated in the dollar shop for two days and not go bad. I’m just saying…. -_-;

Finally we left, stopped by the supermarket, and went home. We ate here. We watched part of the new movie “The Three Stooges” in my apartment. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! So stupid and great. XD The actors really do a great job!! I approve!