On Monday, it was my REAL BIRTHDAY!!! 😀 😀 😀 I turned 30!!
Mom came with me to Groundslam! I had hoped to introduce her to more people and chat with Katsumura-san more, but it didn’t really work out like that. She just waited for me while I trained.

That was still fun.
I liked doing sparring striking to only take downs, and then stand back up. I ended up jamming my neck and ending early, which made me feel crappy.
But I had fun, basically.
And I got a good training in, so I slept well that night!

I took mom to the shabu shabu/sukiyaki restaurant I went to with Katsumura-san, Brittany, and Omigawa-san last time. We had sukiyaki. 🙂 So good! Ate too much. XD Then went to Landmark tower and I took her up to the observatory. I had gone before with Tony at night, but not during the day! It was a nice view! ^_^ She loved it! XD
She said, “You really know how to show someone a good time!” And I felt really good. 😀

I think after that, we went to the World Porters shopping mall in Sakuragi-cho…. and it just so happened they have this birthday campaign! So I thought I would get discounts! ^_^ However, most stores only offered some crappy free gift that I wouldn’t use, like a sample of clothing softener, or yogurt to beautify yourself when you sleep, and a hand towel the size of my….hand. 😮

I was ride’n the happy train! XD (kids play thing)

I only got a 10% discount on my birthday ice cream Mommy bought me at Coldstone. XD But that’s okay! I love that place!
I asked for discounts at the other shops but they wouldn’t give them to me! :< After that, we just went grocery shopping (after stopping in the 100 yen shop...again!) and went home. On Tuesday, today, I had to teach my day care outservice. I seriously don't get paid enough to do that. ;_; I made these two songs, but the kids didn't want to sing! They kept shouting "game game!" but I don't KNOW any games to play with parts of the face!! And they were allllllll overrrrrrrrrr each otherrrrrrrrrr and me. ~_~;; SO I was very flustered and ranted for like an hour to my mom on our way to Ikebukuro. We went to Sunshine City, to the planetarium! The show was okay. Kind of short and not as informative as those we saw when I was a kid in the US. But still fun! I used to go a lot with Mom as a teenager, so it brought back lots of memories! 😀 For her, too!! They had Halloween decorations up already.
I’m…too sexy for my pitchfork, too sexy for my pitchfork… XD

We ran into SAKURA in Tokyo Hands! We were so surprised ! We both shrieked and my mom said we scared her to death. lol

She was buying stuff, like patches of skulls, to make her new pro wrestling costume. ^^;; Sakura, you are nuts, my friend. But I love you.
My goodness, what a nice Tussle shirt I have, don’t you think? ^_~

Then we went to the Inoki Sakaba and she liked that a lot ! We thought the catfish was grilled, but it turned out to be fried. 😡 Oh well?

My mom is exhuasted and is sleeping already. 😀

I’m going to skip training tomorrow to spend our last full day together. She leaves Thursday morning. ;_;