Anyway, I was stressed yesterday, and feeling guilty about not going to the gym on Friday, so I went to BJ-san’s class, excited and determined to do my best. I want to train as if I’m preparing for a fight.

Then this guy came in, who’s really nice and I really love chatting and training with him! I hadn’t seen him for a while, so that was cool! 😀 We were partners for holding mitts. ug, mitts. T_T I haven’t done multiple rounds on mitts in a while, so my body was slow to respond, and it was frustrating for me. ~_~; I got so frustrated and it was miserable…

Anyway, we did various drills, which were really good practice.
Then we did sparring. I immediately went to this one guy, who’s name I forget (I suck) because I know he’ll aim for my face and actually try to hit me. 😀 We were sparring pretty lightly, when the first nice guy yelled out, “Hey, go light on the girl! Gently!”

Huh? WTF?!

I was CRUSHED. I was like, “No, don’t go lighter, go HARDER! Don’t listen to that guy!” and he said, “I know, you’re a fighter. Your opponent isn’t going to be nice,” and we kept going. But I couldn’t concentrate anymore, and my sparring turned to sh*t. Afterwards, I talked to the nice guy, and he said that he meant that if a man goes all out, the woman can get hurt because of the power difference. So he was just concerned.

I know, dude! I get the power difference. If ANY huge person hits ANY smaller person hard, they will get hurt. NOT BECAUSE I’M A FSKING WOMAN. Plus, the gloves make a difference. If they’re MMA gloves, you’re supposed to go lighter than if they were boxing gloves, right? With ANYBODY.

I forced myself to thank him for the concern. He said he wouldn’t do it again, but I was still really upset…because he must have said it because I’m weak. I’m weak, right? I mean, nobody would say that to Megumi Fujii or Cyborg, right? OH yeah, go light on the Cyborg because she’s a woman. I don’t THINK so. I must have seemed weak for him to say that, right?

Crushed. ESPECIALLY because I liked the guy.

This guy Komazawa not only decked me kind of hard, but he planted his foot perfectly in my face….like a hilarious foot-on-face shot. I kind of wish I had a picture of that…it was like some kind of ax kick. But he was so skilled that it didn’t even hurt one bit! He just like put it there, pushed a little, and then pulled back! I was like…wow, I just got face kicked? I love that guy.

To anyone reading this blog: If you train with a woman, hold back your power as much as you would for any smaller man, because I get it…. I also get that it’s hard to hit a woman. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOODNESS…PLEASE aim for our faces, not five feet in front of our noses. It’s OKAY TO HIT US, we WILL NOT FREAKING SHATTER like glass! If you don’t want to hit a woman, then DON’T SPAR with us. Just say, “Sorry, I’ll pass,” because it’s humiliating and frustrating for US.

And some people have said, “Oh just hit the man hard, and they’ll hit you back!”
Nope, not in Japan. They’ll just keep being defensive no matter how much I hit, and it makes a really weird and bad feeling.