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Friday I worked in the morning, went to Groundslam and did weight training with my trainer, then went back to work, and finally went BACK to Groundslam and did technique and a bit of sparring. Jonathan was there, a former Groundslam member, who is visiting Japan for a fight. He taught me a lot of awesome technique that really helped me out. It’s so invaluable. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!
This is a pic of me, him, and then Dale on the far left! 😀

dale jonathan roxy

I walked to the train station with Goto-san, my Japanese uncle-figure. Here’s a pic of everyone making fun of him for his ‘style,’ striped shirt matching his socks. Hah I took a pic just to tease him. XD hahaha G-san style!!!

goto san style

Saturday I worked all day, and Sunday also, but didn’t get to give training to a fellow teacher as planned because of a schedule change. I was really bummed because I’d spent two hours of unpaid overtime prepping for it Saturday morning before lessons, and afterwards before I went home. 🙁 Hopefully I’ll get to do that later, but I was bummed all day.

Therefore I was really looking forward to hanging out with BURI-CHAN!! Brittany and I went to SHAKEY’S and ate pizza and the fracking HUGE MONSTER PARFAIT!! XD I love that thing. She paid for it cuz I gave her a Japanese lesson. 😀 That is how you bribe the Roxy.
buri roxy big parfait1
My goodness, Brittany, what a sparkly…chest…you have. LOL The staff lit sparklers. hahahaha what placement!

But from now, I’m going to cut down on sweets. I wanna lose a few pounds in the next month.

Then today, I did pro training, and we only sparred 7 rounds! meaning I only got to go like 3 times because there were a lot of people, because people showed up SO LATE. GUYS!! 🙁 Class starts at 9, not 9:45! grrr I know it’s hard to train in the morning but I was there at 8:50AM warming up and hitting the bag. 🙁 But we did situational drills after that, which was pretty good. During the very last one, I jammed my elbow into the cage and it got cut and started bleeding all over me. ^^;

After training, I met Grace! 😀 My friend from my former language center, and we ate lunch at TGI Fridays and hung around Yokohama. 😀 She wanted to see my dojo, so I took her to Groundslam just for a few minutes. She wanted to do a ‘jumping pose.’ I just happened to have my camera with a timer, so we counted down 10 seconds and tried to jump on 1. LOL The first one was a hilarious failure! 😀
(click to enlarge)
jumping shot failure

The second one, we got it!! 😀
(click to enlarge)
jumping shot success

Then we came across this hula show in Bay Quarter shopping mall, and I made a quick vlog:

Then I went BACK to the gym, where Tanuma-san gave me some SUPER AWESOME advice. I’m so excited. 😀 I hit mits and did some drills, and then went home. 😀 Work tomorrow!…