DBZ, and too much internet

It’s so cool how Goku can be so strong and still not want to kill anyone. He just wants the thrill of the fight. I can relate to that. That’s why he’s pure of heart. I’m on the episode where Namek is just about to blow up. (no, really!)

dbz team
I liked this moment. (They thought Freeza was dead, but it was a nice moment)

I also liked this moment. dbz praise

Praise! Praise is important. From your parent, from your boss…it feels good, right? And for YOU. Don’t forget to GIVE praise. At my job, there’s a section in a lesson evaluation form: “Did you praise the student?” It’s an important part of development and learning.

Sooooo. I was thinking, man, I posted a gajillion times on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. lol Especially ever since I got my iPhone a few years ago, I’m constantly online.

That’s it! I’m going to quit the internet! I should be doing mental training! I want to become a super Saiyan!
hahaha XD…