Sunday anime, Monday training, I’m a striking woman! :D

On Sunday, I played DDR at the arcade in Circus Circus.

ddr at circus circus
I also played “In The Groove.”
in the groove
The machine says it “Roxor’s,” but it really doesn’t.
in the groove roxor
The levels are funky. The intermediate songs start out with super easy steps, and then go into super hard ones. I kept failing songs, thus losing my money. -_- Irritating. The DDR pads are kind of not sensitive. You have to stomp on them hard to get them to register, so the machine scores me lower, and it’s harder to pass harder songs. < In the evening, I laid around and watched Naruto. I'm on Shippuden ep 260, so just starting the great Ninja War. and I suspect something about's kind of obvious. I just wonder how it happened. (Don't spoil it, all you who know!) roxy naruto

Today, Monday, I had a great day! I finished applying for the apartment that my mom and I like…and agreed upon! I think we’re going to get it! 😀 If we’re approved! 😀 It’s a little closer to the gym than my current place. And the hot tub!!!

Then I went to training, which was super awesome, as usual. John and Mike Pyle taught us stuff about how to get up when taken down. I’ve done stuff before, but not exactly what he showed, so it was awesome. Did I say awesome? I worked with Heather, my new favorite training buddy! And Jeremy, my second favorite training buddy.

There was so much technique I couldn’t get it all down. :/
After training, I found that Top N Bottom Frozen Yoghurt place that I’d stumbled upon before! I LOVE IT!
frozen yoghurt

My creation actually isn’t so asthetically pleasing, but man, the taste!! I got caramel pretezel, red velvet cupcake, vanilla, gramcracker crumbs, and caramel sauce, and a cherry! They have so much more!

Then I went home, watched an ep of Naruto, and relaxed a bit.

At 5:00 I had my first private mitt session with coach John Wood.
roxy mitts1
Thanks, Heather, for taking the picture!
He kept it simple for me and corrected little stuff- just what I needed. I’m super happy. I didn’t come away feeling like an idiot and failure, like I often do when it comes to striking. I’m excited for my next one. 😀
roxy john mitts2

The title…the ‘striking’ thing…is a pun. Get it?? Hahahaaaaa…..*crickets chirp*

Then I drilled the techniques of the day with Heather, and got some of it down. Some stuff I dunno if I like. When she actually took me down, half the stuff went out the window, haha, but that’s the point. I kind of figured out what I needed to do. Muscle memory! Because my real memory sucks. Hahah

I want to try and mimic my TUF house training schedule. Hard MMA training/sparring in the morning, and then lighter stuff like mitt work in the evening. And strength and conditioning. But that’s not easy. o_o I wanna do that on like…a separate day. But there aren’t enough days in the week. Hmm. How about….Punday? 😀 It could come between Sunday and Monday! 😀 I could do my physical conditioning on that day. 😀…