training w/ Jessamyn, BBQ & boxing

On Saturday, I went to morning grappling at Syndicate with the one, the only, my tall buddy….Jessamyn Duke! Who is visiting for a short time! We lived in the Ultimate Fighter House together, as roommates, but she was on team Rousey and I was team Tate, so we never trained together. But what the heck. And it was SO fun to train with her! We both have a fluid rolling style that just makes it fun. I want her to move out here. ;_;

roxy and jessamyn training

Just before practice, I was taping up and a little girl came up to me and stared. And stared. I said, “HellO!” and she said, “Hello. My favorite move is the triangle choke from mount. I wanna be in the UFC when I grow up!”


I was so shocked at her last statement…I couldn’t even speak! The fact that IT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN. And I’m trying to be one of the first groups of women to get into the UFC right now!

I chatted with her a bit, and my heart mellllllted! ;_; So cuuuute! She watched most of my practice with her face pressed into the cage, her little fingers gripping through the metal. <3 I did a some drilling and 3 rounds of striking sparring. I seemed to be more focused than usual. I went with this Muay Thai kid and got socked with a kind of arching straight that came over my guard. COOL! So I started trying to do it, and actually landed it on my next partner. I also tried to adjust my movement the way my coach had suggested. I probably have tons of habits, with some success, I hope. I can't wait for my nice shin guards to come in the mail. ;_; Another month of bruised shins? gah! After my chiropractic appointment, I felt all fixed and went to the apartment to say I wanted it. There's a whole long frustrating story to go along with that, but I'll spare you guys. u_u I think we might have not applied in time, which really pisses me off... I went to my new coach's house and had a BBQ and watched boxing! Well, everyone else watched boxing. I disliked boxing, so I enjoyed socializing with everyone! 😀 I taught a teammate's adorable 7-year old little daughter how to play checkers. She kept trying to jump me horizontally instead of diagonally. XD I must attract adorably little children. I also played chess with our jiu-jitsu coach Fredson! 😀 fredson and roxy chess

Look! I ate pumpkin pie for the first time in a LONG TIME! They don’t have it in Japan! (Heather and I.)
roxy heather pie

I got really lost on the way home. ;_;

I drove to Circus this morning and did DDR! It was fun, but my legs were tired from training. They also had In The Groove 2, and the pads were much more sensative! I liked it! But I tried to do too difficult a level. But the steps are all screwed up. They had a bunch of really super easy Level 3 steps and then suddenly all these complicated level 8 steps that I messed up. I was like, wtf I just failed the song now ~_~; grrr

Then I got lost on the way home. RAR! hissss!

I am really tired. I want that damn apartment. I’m so mad it got taken. ~_~; And my internet sucks! aaarg

Training tomorrow! 😀 yay!
I can’t wait for the next episode of TUF. I wonder where I’m going to watch it this week. u_U

I enjoyed talking to Brittany on skype the other day! 😀 talking to brittany  on skype