freaking Las Vegas drivers! :(

I hate making generalizations about a group of people. So I apologize ahead of time. And no offense to YOU, the reader, if you are in Las Vegas. Unless you really are one of these people.

Drivers in Las Vegas suck.

Now, I learned how to drive in the New England area, like Boston and New York. They drive dangerously, too, but it’s more like jerky risky moves. Maybe they’ll cut you off, or beep the horn, or speed really fast.

However, Las Vegas drivers tend to drive dangerously differently: They do stupid things. In this past week alone, I have witnessed at least five near accidents not even my own, three of which were when one car decided to change into the lane next to it…but there was already a car there. Now, it wasn’t even in the blind spot! It was exactly RIGHT NEXT TO THE CAR. Like, they were side by side! There was absolutely NO excuse not to look to your side! One time, car 1 started to move into the side of car 2, car 2 beeped and swerved, car 1 SPED UP, PASSED car 2, and CUT between it and the car in front of it. Wtf?

Other times, I see cars waiting at the exits of a store or shopping mall, getting ready to make a right out onto the major street. The driver can’t seem to judge distance, because they start pulling out when people are almost right there!

I’ve started freaking driving at least five miles below the speed limit. TWO times this week (I’m not joking, I actually counted), I saw a car creeping it’s nose out, so I went on my guard, thinking “Haha I bet it’s gonna pull out….it better not, though” and it freaking did, and I had to jam on the breaks. Then my freaking Snapshot beeped.

See, my insurance company called “Progressive” has this program where I plug this little machine into my car’s computer. If I drive safely, like not speed and don’t break hard, I can get a discount on my insurance premium. Now, I’ve had an accident in the past, so I’m trying so hard to be SUPER careful, so I figured, sure, I’ll do it. I’m like Super-Saiyan-Safety-Driving-Roxy. Right?

No. I have to freaking break hard so many times every day because everyone else is reckless, that my Snapshot beeps and beeps and beeps. ;_; I swear to the Universe I am driving safely. I haven’t gone even 5 miles over the speed limit and I’ve missed so many turns just because I didn’t wanna cut someone off trying to make it. Yesterday, I saw my exit too late…I probably could have cut over hard over 3 lanes, but instead, I chose to be safe and take the next one. It took me like 20 minutes to get back to the correct road. But you know what? I’m alive.

Two days ago, something happened that actually inspired me to write this. I was in a 65 mph highway (I-15 S) and, of course, I was going about 65. I was starting to approach this car on the right. I had been fuming about hard breaking five minutes before, so I thought sarcastically, “Just watch, this guy is gonna ram into me suddenly.”

I slowly went into his blind spot, I passed it and pulled up beside him, and HE FREAKING PULLED INTO ME. I swerved, not even having time to beep! And he swerved away, sped up, AND FSKING CUT ME OFF. WTF ~_~ DUDE, wtf is wrong with you? Why don’t you look in your mirror, or maybe just GLANCE a little bit to the left? I was like RIGHT THERE.

Seriously, driving in Vegas is scary. 🙁 Not only do I have to pay attention to the rules, but I have to pay attention to possibilities where people might NOT follow the rules.

Like, “I’m in a turn lane and I better watch out in case this biotch to my right decides he really wants to turn.”

I’m alive now because I thought that lady might pull out of the parking lot and cut me off, so I slowed down.…