Japanese posing card game

Man…I wish I had furniture.

empty room

On Sunday I had some of my fighter buddies over for a picnic lunch! We played the Japanese pose card game! 😀 Much hilarity ensued. You have to try and do the poses on the card and everyone votes how good of a job you do!

For example…..

pose card game pic
spring has come

be brave pose card

be brave

hahahahaha XD Her eyes!!!

I worked out with Victoria in the morning at Gold’s Gym. I’m really enjoying our Sunday workouts! 😀 I finished the leg routine that Norm gave me, and was like YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH HULK UP!! XD Then found out that I was supposed to do it in all in one day. ;__; noooo. Oh well, today I’ll do it all. Rar.

Afterwards, she invited me over to her and Brandon’s place for a protein shake that tasted like ICE CREAM (you’re a master, Victoria!). I was supposed to check out her couch she offered me, but then Brandon put on the new Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and I got all excited watching that ep (which wasn’t new, but new for me!) then I had to go, and I totally forgot about the couch. LOL
What did I do on Saturday? I did the first part of Norm’s leg routine, hit the bag, and went shopping for household stuff, I think. I did a lot of stuff on the computer, and then tried to read, but I fell asleep at 9:00. 🙁 So I switched to watching Naruto and started falling asleep during a battle scene. So I just went to bed. lol And then woke up at 3 AM. waaaa

TODAY I GET MY STITCHES OUT!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee! …