my dream about wrestling, MMA, and Dana was there!

I dreamed that there was some wrestling/MMA competition put on by Syndicate members in some large arena in a hotel. Dana White put everybody up in the hotel, and sat behind the front desk, greeting people.

I entered the dim lobby with with my roommates from TUF 18 (Shayna, Peggy, Jessica, Jessamyn). We saw him, I went up and said, “Hi Dana!” he said, “Hi, honey!”

I was like “YAY he said hi to me!” (I’m such a fan girl LOL)
He said, “You ready for the tournament!!?”
I said, “Oh yes!” He shook me hand. (fan girl moment #2)

I thought I was supposed to help with the kids, but then everyone was asking me if I was fighting, and I was like, “No, no, I can’t do straight wrestling.” Then I started running into other #TUF 18 fighters, mixed with Syndicate members, and then John Wood and Sean Shelby walked by, and I saw Heather, but they disappeared before I could ask them what to do. I was supposed to be somewhere and help someone, but I got lost in the hotel. At one point I walked into the TUF house kitchen, and was like “This is not the arena….”

lol Then I woke up and it was freaking 2 AM. 🙁 Somehow I managed to doze for another 2 hours! 😀…