so busy! Mom! training! halloween party! pics

This week has been so busy I haven’t even had time to blog! My mom showed up Tuesday evening, and she doesn’t have a car, so I have to take care of her. We managed to sign up for the internet, go shopping for and buy a microwave, and I tried to fatten her up a bit by taking her out for Chinese buffett two times this week. Haha

And I’m training hard like a maniac. Things are great. 😀


I carved a pumpkin in the shape of my gym Syndicate’s sign!
01carving pumpkin

I went to a Halloween party yesterday! It was so much fun! Thanks, Fredson and everyone! I dressed up as Chopper from One Piece.

This is Jamie, Chris and me!

Heather the pirate and me!


My new friend Brittany and me.01roxybrittanychopper