Crazy dream: aliens, bears, pancakes!

I had a dream with three parts.

First, I went home to visit my Dad and step-mother. We went out to a Japanese restaurant, but I had to use the bathroom just as the food came. Someone needed help on my way back, so I was trying to help them quickly (they were lost, or something). When I got back, Dad and Marion were almost done eating, and I wasn’t, and then the waitress started taking my food. I was like, “Noooo, stop taking it! I haven’t had good Japanese food in forever!” and I was sad.

Then as we were leaving, chaos erupted.

Tyler, Heather, Jordan, and other Syndicate/ MMA related people I didn’t see but sensed, had to fight off… invaders. I think it’s cuz I watched Man of Steel (Superman), because they had like black metal battle suits and were chasing us with guns. They were bouncing around the building and flying, so obviously not human. Some of us got killed. Tyler got shot! and we were all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO but then this other guy (Ben, who is Bootsy’s friend) saved him because he had powers, and it took the bullet out and closed the wound) lol Random. We were running around this old school, which turned into a house. We couldn’t defeat these guys- they were just too strong, so we were running. And then the bad guys were like, “Let out the BEARS!” so these huge freaking black bears started chasing us. o_O

Then suddenly……!!! Miesha Tate, Bryan Caraway, Team Tate’s assistant coaches (Jack, Shaine, and Ricky) plus John Wood burst onto the scene and chased away all the bears and invaders with guns blazing. XD We were like “YAAAAY, WE ARE SAVED!” My heroes, right? XD

Part 3 of my dream. Miesha said, “Yeah!! Now let’s relax and cook breakfast!” so we all gathered in the kitchen and tried to cook pancakes, but the burners weren’t working. Although the gas flame was on, it wasn’t hot at all. My Mom wandered in, tried to show me and wandered out. So we spent like five dream minutes puzzled and confused as to why the flame wasn’t working. Miesha was like, “Yeah, I can’t get mine to cook! what the heck! No pancakes for us?!”


LOL Everything in my dream is a symbol. Pretty obvious ones, at that. I always visit my Dad and Marion for Christmas, I miss Japan, those coaches are my heroes, fighting, frustrating cooking with my mom around…. hahah!…