I failed my middle school writing assessment! lol (poem)

So in 1997 when I was about 14 and a half, we had a writing assessment for my middle school class.

I was a strong writer and loved language and stories and poetry.

So I figured I’d write a witty little poem.

I don’t think I found out the result! I think my mom hid it from me, because I was so pleased with myself. I just came across it while going through boxes with my mom. I GOT A ONE OUT OF TEN, and the comment “student’s essay is not understandable when judged by standards appropriate for his/her grade level.” They failed me! WTF?!?!!!!

I mean, wtf. How on earth could I fail a writing assessment? So I glanced at it and remembered spending so much time on it….I made it rhyme and everything! Then …. I thought about it from a teacher’s point of view. What if *I* had to read and grade this? and started laughing my head off. She probably thought I was being a smart-a$$! LOL HILARIOUS.

check it out.

Title: The Horror Cafeteria
(I am NOT describing C.F.Patton’s cafeteria)

Dank, dark, unpleasant to my nose
We go in and sit, like we are supposed
My friend and I don’t like the food.
It only helps depress our mood.
The cafeteria ladies are okay,
but I can’t stand them every day.
The benches are hard on my tush.
It feels like I’m sitting on a prickly bush.
I pack my lunch, but my friend does not.
She must eat it fast or it will rot.
I count two, on the menu of the day,
that won’t make me throw up right away.
I like the school very much.
Just be careful where you eat your lunch.…