Syndicate dinner, MY BOOK, and fun in Boston!

I’ve been exhausted all week, but still pushing it hard!! Too hard….On Wednesday we had a Syndicate instructor/staff dinner, and I enjoyed it very much! Brazilian BBQ place. omg….HEAVEN.
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syndicate NY dinner1
syndicate NY dinner2

And I woke up the next morning sick. ~_~ Sore throat.
I stayed home from training, but still managed to finish last minute Christmas preparation, although just barely. Collapsed several times between chores. ;_;

I WASHED MY CAR in the automatic car washing machine thingie! 😀 Dude, you don’t understand…. as a kid I used to LOVE going through those things! They spray the car and the cloth things slap against the car and it’s so exciting. lol But there weren’t any in Amherst, as far as I knew, where I used to drive. Anyway, I went through one! And it was Terrible! See?
car wash 1
Here I GO!!
car wash 2
Fwack fwack fwack!!!

car wash 3

Small pleasures, guys, small pleasures! Relish them and you will be happier in life. XD I can’t wait for my car to get dirty again.

So I flew to BOSTON on Friday. 😀 Suffering from a stuffy nose and really bad headache. ~_~;; I tried not to let it show. I spent the weekend with my Dad and step-mother. Chris, my step-brother, wasn’t home. 🙁 We chilled out, watched football, ate Dim Sum, and I tried not to get everyone sick. Washing my hands incessantly, blowing my nose in the other room. There’s a ridiculous lack of vegetables in this house… o_O;;;

I made myself chill out when I’d normally be trying to exercise, and therefore watched like 10 one-hour episodes of Flash Forward TV show….and I wrote my new book.

Man, I wanted to train today! (Monday) ;_; I brought all my gear, too. Booo.

MY BOOK CAME OUT!! 😀 “Memoirs of a Happy Warrior.” It’s an autobiography of the year I spent in Japan for school. I had my MMA debut there, and had all sorts of adventures. Please support me and buy it! I know you’ll like it! XD
Here’s the linkie!
book cover title

I can only watch so much football. MAN, I never realized how brutal it is! I’m seeing guys throwing themselves on top of each other, legs twisting, crashing into each other full-force. I haven’t watched it since I was a kid, and man…. I keep thinking about how many guys’s knees get messed up. After watching it for over 4 hours yesterday, I think I’m done with it for a year.

Today I chilled at home, chatted with friends on my phone and watched Flash Forward until I got overloaded, and then went out with my wonderful step-brothers! 😀 Steak tip salad at this Italian restaurant place, and then ice cream afterwards. I wish we could hang out more. XD
roxy step brothers

step brothers and ice cream