awesome weekend, at gym all day Monday! :D

This Saturday, I did grappling class for the first time since my fight. Bumps and bruises bothered me, but it was fun! I trained with Brittany M. a lot! 😀 She’s a fast learner!

Then, I had my frozen Yogurt meet! A bunch of people came, and it was fun! XD No creepy people. haha
group pic 2 yogurt
I went over Heather’s and watched Invicta with her, Jordan, Tyler, and Bootsy. I was super impressed with all the fights, and the production of the show! Man! 😀 I don’t think I’ve sat down and watched a whole card all the way through, because I’ve lived in Japan and the time difference was such, and I was working. Especially Tecia Torres. And The main event was a war. I want a rematch with Barb Honchack some day…. after I gain more muscles. ~_~;

Then I went to Fredson’s party!

I’m having so much fun being a part of Syndicate MMA. I love my training partners. I can work hard and see immediate results. People care about me and how well I learn the techniques. I can teach kids. 🙂

Sunday, I went over Rhyanna and Aeden’s house and made Plato’s sister “Playco!”

DDR-ed with Tyler, my new training buddy from Canada! 😀
roxy and tyler ddring
He set his camera up to take automatic pics on the machine rim. lol

Talked about life. Great guy. Glad we made friends. 🙂

Then went home and hung out with Mom.

Monday, yesterday, I mailed a ton of Christmas cards (I really got into it this year!), and did my private lesson with John. He re-taught me something I didn’t quite get before, and I got it now, so I’m super excited.

The theme of the lesson: Stepping on fools! XD I’m not even joking.
stepping on fools

I love this Syndicate Godzilla shirt! omgjohn godzilla
John, what is this expression? LOL

But yeah, that was freaking awesome. Then did the MMA class. Finally got to train with Tyler before he goes back to Canada! But he’ll be back, I hope! 🙂
I got a lot out of class. syndicate group smaller
There were a lot of people.

In the afternoon, I taught 3 kids classes. They were awesome! 😀 I love them! This one little girl who was about 7? Didn’t have a partner, so I rolled with her, despite being literally 3 times her size. She was GOOD. I could feel the power in all the right places, and she almost choked me twice. I had to defend. lol Man! I praised her to her mom. Then there was this new boy who was 13, and he was a stud. I found out he did soccer, basketball, football, and watched karate movies. hah he learned so fast. I hope he sticks around. He’s already almost as tall as me and has BICEPS! O_O;; I did ‘sparring’ with him, which was practicing holding side control. When I tried to escape from his side control (with him just squeezing has hard as he could) I could barely escape, using technique that I hadn’t taught him yet. lol So it wasn’t fair. 🙂 I hope he comes back.

Jake met me afterwards and gave me various conditioning/ strengthening exercises and stuff to do, so I can become super awesome. 😀 My first step to HULKING UP!!
she hulk