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So two weeks ago, I got nailed in the thigh by that karate guy, and seriously limped around and had to train light for a few days. Last week, I finally was able to join BJJ class, in which we did a bunch of Judo throws and other stuff. I pulled my lower back and left leg hamstring. x_x; My body just SUCKS. (and I got my period) so I just wanted to curl up at home and watch anime for a few days. So I did, kind of. Literally could not walk around well. Did some strength training for my upper body. And I was productive business-wise. I finished writing my second book! Now my mom just has to edit it.

I’m watching Bleach! I restarted about 15 eps back from where I left off, to remind myself of the plot.

I love Japanese anime SO much.
Bleach is about a world where Death Reapers go around protecting humans by slaying ghosts in our human world, but also live in the Soul Society. They use unusual swords. It’s so cool. There are like 300 + eps, and I’m on ep 40. Spoil anything for me and I’ll never talk to you again. 🙁
ichigo vs kenpachi
Ichigo (orange hair) is the main character. He’s battling with Zaraki Kenpachi, an antagonist. But LOVE Kenpachi. He’s freaking COOL!!!
kenpachi tsuyoku naritei1
Kachite~! Tsuyoku narite~! “I want to win! I want to get stronger!!!!!”


I am now proudly sponsored by Intimidation Clothing! They have some cool stuff. 😀
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I woke up on Monday able to walk without limping so I made pushed through my private mitt session with John. Learned some great stuff. Man! Wanted to spar so bad, which I did today. I threw tons of good stuff! I did really well for most of class. My body quit on me the last round of class. I hate my body soooooooo much sometimes. ~_~ But I pushed it through most of it. I landed lots of combos and had really great movement a lot of times.

😀 😀 😀 It was awesome! Until the end.

I lost a pound and a half since last week 😀

One of my teammates asked me how I was, and I answered, “I am awesome!” which was a lie at that very moment. I need like a 10 hour massage. I want to be more awesome RIGHT NOW! I want to be perfect. I need to be perfect. Right now.

tsuyoku naritai. kachitai.
Renji. There are a lot of hot guys on Bleach. Too bad they’re not real…. Japanese can really rock spiky hair, even in real life. I remember one of my clients I taught English to came in with shoulder length hair spiked up. I almost fell in love instantly. “You look like Goku!” I blurted out. He laughed so hard….…