My fight…?! training, Kenichi, MMA Reality show!

I’m fighting…..sometime! I kind of know when, but not exactly. I don’t know where! But I know who! And I can’t tell you! 😛 So keep your ears and eyes open! hahahaha!

So when I got back from my trip to visit my family and Serena, I increased my cardio by running stairs and doing circuits. I did coach John Wood’s hard pre-fight mitt session (between hitting mitts, picking up and slamming the heavy bag so simulate fighting), and I lasted pretty well. So I’m in great shape!

john and invicta girls
Jamie Moyle is fighting in Invicta tonight! Good luck! SMACK DOWN!!
Coach John’s new clothing company is on it’s feet and swinging for the fenses! MVRK (sounds like “Maverick”). There are some pretty cool designs, so if you’re interested, check out and follow them on social media Twitter: @MVRKClothing
here’s a link to buy my walk-out T shirt with their logo on the top.

Hannah Fitzpatrick is visiting from Kentucky with the Real Water MMA production. So this company is sponsoring an MMA reality show, like the Ultimate Fighter, except for amateurs! They live in a house and train in Las Vegas for a few months, and then fight. I’m so excited to have another female training partner, and new friend. 😀

hannah and roxy muscles
Yesterday, she punched me in the nose and it started bleeding. Oh well, these things happen. The other day my foot whacked into her cheek by accident and cut her a bit. Oh well!
bjj meme choking

Here’s last season’s episode 1!

I’m pretty happy with my training right now. 🙂 Learning so much and improving so much in all areas of my game. I think I might have made strength gains, too. Thanks to my coaches and Syndicate. <3 IMG_6042

I finished Sword Art Online (an anime) and I miss it now. :/ I did prefer the first season to the second season. I’m starting this anime called “History’s greatest disciple Kenichi.” I LOVE IT. It’s about this high schooler who gets bullied so he joins a dojo and trains to become stronger. There are so many funny cool masters who teach him and say great quotes that I feel are speaking directly to me. I adore it.
kenichi group pic

…..and because our neighbors blast heavy base music all day and night, and the guy underneath clunks around, my mom is unable to find peace and so we decided to move. SHE decided to move, and I have to bear with it. I don’t want to move. 🙁 Two buildings down in the same apartment complex. ug. x_x pain in the neck. …