my nose, rough week, awesome weekend! UFC, Superbowl

So the beginning of my week sucked a lot. I got kicked in the nose and at first I thought it was broken because I heard a crunch and it bled, but now I think the cartilage just got damaged. So hopefully it will heal sooner…. then I got this RASH on the top of my nose that I think was a bacterial infection, but it might have been frost bite? I do not know, but it’s gone now. 🙁

I ended up training mitts, lifting weights, doing power shots on the heavy bag, and running stairs in lieu of MMA training. Those are really good for me anyway! but you know. 🙁 I wanna do class. *sigh*

I had a very exciting weekend! On Friday, I had lunch with my friends from Washington! Sushi! thanks, Allen! I love those guys! I met them when I did an appearance at Cagequest in Washington State last year, and did a seminar up there. I want to go back soon.

eddie and allen sushi
In the evening, I went to Real MMA (sponsored by “real water”). Six of my teammates fought. Four won and two lost. I felt so bad about Bryce, who got knocked out by an overhand overhand right. 🙁 I was worried because he didn’t get up and they put a neck brace on him and carried him out on a stretcher. But he’s okay. Damnit. Not indicative of how skilled he is. Travis was doing well until he got kicked in the nuts FOUR FREAKING TIMES and eventually won by DQ. omg the ref took a point after the third time. Shawn alternated between dominating and getting pushed back, but then snapped on a rear naked choke at the last minute and won! omgggggg I went nut screaming! Marcus was like an animal and clobbered his guy in like 37 secs. Patrick got stuck in bad positions and couldn’t get out. :/ Everyone fought super hard and didn’t give up.

I wanted to help out more but wasn’t sure what to do. John was in Colorado cornering Tony and Jorge. Jason and AJ cornered the Real MMA guys, and Adam helped them warm up. I have a busted finger and nose. -_-

So I did yoga and weight room stuff. Saturday I went swimming and lifted weights and did the eliptical machine. My muscles are tired from that now. 🙁 I’m gaining weight because I’m eating a lot and not exercising as much. I’m going to lose 1.5 pounds next week, I think. Crack down. Cuz I’ll go to PA and NJ the following week, so I know I’ll gain some weight then, probably. I hope my nose heals in time to be able to train there….

Saturday morning I decided to repack all the boxes in my closet. My books and random stuff were still all in the beat up falling apart boxes that I sent over from Japan. Mom wants to move (to a different apartment in Vegas) but doesn’t know when, and that makes me anxious cuz I’m not ready. I actually had a stress dream about it. I don’t want to move. ~_~ So I did that for like 4 hours, then I exercised, then hung out at Miller’s Alehouse with my sponsors from Dominate Your Game, Michael, Lacy, and Cindy. Their business is strength and conditioning and dietary advice. They give me protein and recovery supplements, and Lacy gives me dietary counseling.
dominat eyour game

Lacy did not advise me to eat this…but I did. lol
hamburger pizza
Hamburger pizza!
Such good people. We watched the UFC 183. I’m so glad Miesha won! Tough fight for her! I’m glad that Sara McMann was able to show her ability a bit more than in the last fight. I wanted her to win a fight, but not against Miesha! Miesha was impressive! YAY, my friend!

I wanted Ian McCall (aka Uncle Creepy) and Joe Lauzon to win, too! damnit I know them both and they have awesome personalities. 🙁 Both were close fights. Joe was a samurai. He got rocked and tried to keep fighting but couldn’t get his balance back, but he never gave up.

The main event….I wish Silva would engage more, but Nick Diaz was so fun to watch. I kind of became more of a fan of his. I’ve always been kind of neutral about him. I’m not so into trash talking in general.

Today was Sunday and I repacked more boxes. I talked to my friend Q for a while. My body was tired, so I just took a 40 minute walk (while talking) and then 20 mins of yoga in my living room. I guess that counts as exercise for some people but not me. lol That’s my warm up.

Then I ate a big lunch….I made pizza of my own! with fat free cheese, cottage cheese, fish and asparagus. lol and cut up tomatoes. yeah, I’m experimenting. Then I met Allen and Eddy and their friend and they got us into the Marquee at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. WOW Ritzy! Free buffet where they had BBQ chicken (which I couldn’t eat cuz it had garlic) and jumbo shrimp (garlic ;_; but I had one!) and california rolls and filet mignon!! HOLY MOLY!!! delicious!

I’m pretty sure I’m like 143 pounds (heavy for me) and I don’t want to weigh myself. 🙁 ugg

I really enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. I haven’t watched it in like ten years, ever since I moved to Japan. Then I missed it last year for whatever reason. I love how I got to chat a LOT with Eddie and Allen.
marquee pic group
The Patriots won! They are Seahawks fans, obviously, but my family are all in Boston so are Pats fans. I wore my Pats shirt my brother got me for Christmas two years ago, and the Seahawks socks Allen got me. XD hah

Also watching marathon-watching Naruto. omg I can’t believe what’s happening with the Ten-tails and other various characters. And now the new jinchuriki???! And it’s sooo cool seeing the hokage!! and the back story and history and omg and Kurama?!

I got this poster on ebay for relatively inexpensive! I LOVE IT!!!
roxy and poster

Sakura looks so cool here!
sakura happy